Johnny Depp robs a bank as PUBLIC ENEMIES filming continues in Columbus, Wisconsin

That’s Johnny Depp in the fedora, standing next to security chief Jerry Judge, in a photo taken today in Columbus, Wisconsin on the set of Michael Mann’s film PUBLIC ENEMIES. Filming continued today (March 18th) with a bank robbery getaway sequence; delighted onlookers got to see Johnny, as John Dillinger, hoisting a tommygun and riding on the running board of a vintage car as his gang made its escape. To see a photo of the Dillinger getaway car, click here:

A lucky crowd member with a good eye and a steady hand, Ben Wydeven, caught some footage of the getaway car and of Johnny acknowledging the cheers of the Columbus movie buffs. Mr. Wydeven has posted his video here: Many thanks to him for sharing it!

Katrina Cravy of Fox affiliate WITI in Milwaukee presents a fine background piece on the thousands of onlookers who came to Columbus to see the first day of filming on March 17th. Look closely for some footage of Johnny Depp; he’s wearing a light brown jacket and a fedora:

The Zone thanks Emma and Inspired for posting the videos, and Carasun for the pictures. Thanks also to pbhgirl’s Flickr account. –Part-Time Poet