BREAKING NEWS–Here's Dillinger! Cameras roll on PUBLIC ENEMIES, starring Johnny Depp, in Columbus, Wisconsin

The photo at left represents our first glimpse of Johnny Depp in the role of 1930s bank robber John Dillinger in Michael Mann’s film PUBLIC ENEMIES. Filming began today, March 17, 2008, in the small town of Columbus, Wisconsin, where crews have been busily recreating the ambience of 1933 along East and West James Street. One of Dillinger’s bank robberies will be staged at West James Gallery, a beautiful vintage building which, in Dillinger’s time, housed the First National Bank. Movie buffs have been crowding into Columbus hoping to witness the filming: you can read many accounts of the day-to-day transformation of Columbus on the Zone’s News & Views forum.

To play Dillinger, Johnny Depp is sporting 30s short hair, a dark fedora, and a clean-shaven face. To see a photo of JD smiling behind the wheel of the vintage car, click here: and to see a larger version of the photo above, click here: Many thanks to Emma, Bonnie, and AnaMaria for the photos! It is wonderful to see Johnny at work.

The Zone congratulates Michael Mann and the cast and crew of PUBLIC ENEMIES; since you have chosen St. Patrick’s Day to begin your shoot, may the luck of the Irish be yours for all of your journey together. –Part-Time Poet