SHANTARAM Update: Mira Nair tells NPR that she "hopes to resume" SHANTARAM in fall 2008

Last week’s announcement that Warner Brothers was putting the filming of the Johnny Depp film SHANTARAM on hold due to the WGA strike was very difficult news for the film’s director, Mira Nair. In an interview with Alison Stewart on National Public Radio, Ms. Nair tackled the tough subject of “what’s next” on her agenda. “Well, I’m just coping with the, you know, hard news that my film that I had worked on for almost a year, SHANTARAM, which is this fantastic epic with Johnny Depp, in India mostly, has been postponed from the writers strike just only last week. So that’s been, you know, hard to shift gears with that one because I’m already deep in it and dreaming in scenes and so on; we were supposed to shoot in a couple of months. But, you know, life must be lived in the present,” she adds, “and that’s what I am trying to do.”

When asked by Stewart to assess “what’s the reality of the film with Johnny Depp . . . coming true?” (i.e., being filmed), Mira Nair replies, “The reality is that they have postponed it, really, until the strike is settled, but there’s no guarantee when that would happen.” She adds hopefully, “But we’re hoping to resume the film in fall, 2008 . . . if God is willing.” We are all hoping to see that day, when cameras roll on SHANTARAM.

The Zone thanks Emma for posting the NPR interview with Mira Nair; you can read more of the director’s comments on the Zone’s News & Views forum. –Part-Time Poet