Movie News–SHANTARAM author Gregory David Roberts speaks in Italy

SHANTARAM author Gregory David Roberts spoke recently in Italy about his best-selling novel and plans for the upcoming film, to be directed by Mira Nair and starring Johnny Depp as Roberts’ semi-autobiographical alter ego. Zone member Peachy was in the audience for Mr. Roberts’ presentation, which she found “extremely enjoyable;” he discussed how he came to write SHANTARAM, the main themes in the novel, and his (horrific) experience being incarcerated in Germany, among other subjects. You can read Peachy’s full account of the evening on the Zone’s Porch forum, including her own impressions of the author; we thank her so much for sharing her experience with us! Here are a few of Peachy’s comments that have to do specifically with the film of SHANTARAM:

“When asked about the film, he said that as he spoke the script was being finalised by Eric Roth, Mira Nair and Johnny Depp. He himself wrote the first draft. When asked if he could tell us what had been kept and what had been cut, he said that he had not seen the final script,” writes Peachy. “What he did know, though, was that he himself had cut out the Village scene (where Prabaker takes Lyn to his village) and had the ‘christening’ scene take place in the slums instead; however, apparently Mira Nair loved the village scene so much in the book she had it put back in!”

Is the author concerned that the film of SHANTARAM might be “disappointing to him and to readers of the book?” Reports Peachy, “[H]e said that he had placed the utmost faith in the directors, producers, actors and everyone involved, and that he did not intend to interfere. He said it is now up to them to make of it what they can.” She concludes, “He came across as being really serene now.” According to Peachy, Mr. Roberts is at work on a sequel to SHANTARAM–lovers of the novel will be very happy to hear that! –Part-Time Poet