Happy 4th Aniversary to Oprah Noodlemantra's Book Club!

We’re celebrating! The Zone’s book club, the first-ever group dedicated to reading works recommended by or associated with Johnny Depp, is celebrating its 4th anniversary! Yes, the one and only Oprah Noodlemantra’s Book Club turns four at two minutes past midnight on November first. There are no words to adequately thank ONBC’s dedicated moderators, Liz and DeppintheHeartofTexas, who have been at the helm of ONBC from the beginning and have given thousands of hours to reading, writing about, and responding to inquiries about Johnny Depp’s favorite books. They have created a forum full of insight and camaraderie, truly worthy of the man who inspired it. The current book discussion, John Fante’s ASK THE DUST, is the 24th on ONBC . . . a list that began with Stephen King’s SECRET WINDOW, SECRET GARDEN in November 2003. You can see all of the earlier titles on ONBC’s reading list on this lovely anniversary greeting made by Liz: http://tinyurl.com/2yssyd

Many thanks to Liz, DITHOT, and all the Noodlemantras for four great years of inspiration, a little bit of debate, and a lot of merriment. We couldn’t be prouder of you . . . and we hope, as an anniversary present, that Johnny Depp gets photographed walking out of a bookstore with a couple of great novels in his hand. We’d like to add a few new titles to the reading list! –Part-Time Poet

BREAKING NEWS–Johnny Depp on cover of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY's Holiday Movie Preview!

Johnny Depp, in costume as the demon barber of Fleet Street, glowers from the cover of the November 9th issue of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY; this is the “Holiday Movie Preview” issue which promises “The Inside Scoop on 39 New Films.” But EW gives the most ink–6 full pages–to Tim Burton’s SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET, including some lovely new pictures from the film, and a one-page Q&A interview with Johnny, his first since May. The article delves into Johnny’s preparation for the role–in particular, his process for discovering Sweeney Todd’s singing voice . . . which, contrary to rumors, did not involve hiring a vocal coach, but did involve long hours holed up in a West Hollywood recording studio making demos with former Kids bandmate Bruce Witkin. “Did you let your family in on your SWEENEY singing practice?” asks EW reporter Steve Daly. Johnny responds, “When I was doing the demos in Los Angeles, I came home and played it for Vanessa. That was one of the more frightening moments. You go, I’m gonna fall on my face.” And what was the Depp family’s reaction to his efforts? Says Johnny, “They said, ‘Is that you?‘”

The Zone thanks Q for breaking the news, and FANtasticJD posting the cover. You can read the EW article in full on the Zone’s News & Views forum; to see a photo of Johnny (as Sweeney) with his nemesis Alan Rickman (as the treacherous Judge Turpin), click here: http://tinyurl.com/2tw9q7 The EW website offers an extended version of Steve Daly’s interview with Johnny that’s well worth reading; you can find it here: http://tinyurl.com/yoq5e3 Thanks to jdfan for posting the link. –Part-Time Poet