Announcing a new gallery for the Zone–our third featuring Japanese magazine covers

Japanese movie and entertainment magazines have featured Johnny Depp on so many covers this year that we had to add a separate gallery just for 2007 . . . and although the year is not yet complete, there are already 31 covers in this gallery. Wow. You can check out the gallery and marvel at the array of poses of Captain Jack Sparrow–definitely the editors’ favorite character–by clicking on the PHOTO GALLERIES button above, selecting THE DEPPARTMENT, and scrolling down to the gallery named “Japanese Covers 2007,” which features the picture at left.

Many thanks to Sleepy for putting the gallery together, and to her friend Kyoko for all her help. We would also like to thank Zoners GAO and Hiro3 for their help with the new gallery; Hiro3 generously shared many of her scans with the Zone. We really appreciate your kindness! –Part-Time Poet