INSIDE THE ACTOR'S STUDIO DVD of Johnny Depp contains NO new footage of Johnny

The saga of the promised but many-times-postponed release of the DVD of Johnny Depp’s appearance on INSIDE THE ACTOR’S STUDIO has taken another disappointing turn. The initial press release indicated that the DVD would contain additional footage from Johnny’s appearance with James Lipton that did not air on the Bravo channel–much more is filmed than can be shown in a one-hour program with commercials. Deppheads were eagerly awaiting those lost moments of Johnny’s interview . . . but, alas, we are not going to see any new footage on the DVD. Here’s an excerpt from Jamie S. Rich’s review of the ITAS DVD, now scheduled for release on November 20th for a price of $14.99:

“Depp is a good subject, openly guarded and shy, thoughtfully considering his answers and what he is willing to share. A droll sense of humor emerges the more comfortable he gets in the hot seat. [. . .] The show runs a little over fifty minutes, and Depp’s perspective is wholly unique, as anyone who has tracked his choices of acting roles will already know. It would have been preferable to get some kind of updated edition, covering his transition into blockbuster superstar in the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movies and his further explorations with his regular collaborator, Tim Burton, up to and including the forthcoming SWEENEY TODD.”

Under “Extras,” the reviewer on notes, “Unlike previous INSIDE THE ACTOR’S STUDIO releases, the Johnny Depp disc has no deleted scenes. The only extra here is James Lipton’s new video introduction that plays before the episode. That’s it. Not even a scene selection menu. ” That’s certainly a disappointment–we were hoping to see more of this fascinating interview.

The Zone thanks Theresa for locating the Jamie Rich review and posting it on the News & Views forum. You can read the complete article there. –Part-Time Poet