Captain Jack Sparrow voted the UK's favorite film character–of all time, mate

Captain Jack Sparrow, lovable rogue that he is, has sailed off with another prize . . . as if a couple of billion dollars at the box office for the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN films weren’t enough of a reward, Captain Jack has now been voted the UK’s favorite (or favourite) movie character of all time. Aye, Jack–as incarnated by Johnny Depp–topped the TOTAL FILM poll of 4,000 moviegoers, pushing STAR WARS’ Darth Vader into second place, and iconic secret agent James Bond into third. Says TOTAL FILM editor Matt Mueller, “Captain Jack Sparrow has totally caught everyone’s imagination–he’s the perfect combination of mischief, adventure and alcohol . . . . It is Jack’s sense of fun that made fans put him way out in front of a traditional UK favourite, James Bond.”

The Zone thanks Emma for breaking the news and In-too-Depp for posting scans of the TOTAL FILM article on the Zone’s News & Views forum. Their feature on “The Top 100 Movie Characters of All Time” begins with a full-page picture of Captain Jack Sparrow, followed by a three-page article on Johnny’s career and his creation of the Captain. Congratulations, Johnny!–Part-Time Poet