"A peek at Johnny Depp in a musical"–Ruben V. Nepales reports from Venice

Longtime entertainment reporter Ruben V. Nepales has published his account of his whirlwind three-week tour of recent film festivals, including Venice, and when searching for the highlights of his travels, what comes to his mind first? You guessed it–Tim Burton’s Golden Lion ceremony in Venice, and the first clip from SWEENEY TODD. “For the first time, footage of Tim’s film adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s SWEENEY TODD was shown after he received the award from Johnny himself,” reports Nepales. “When the duo got off the stage and took their seats at the Palazzo del Cinema, the gala audience was treated to the sight and sound of Johnny singing onscreen.” Nepales gives a detailed description of the clip and its “appropriately gray and sinister” look, and confirms that Johnny’s voice “sounded fine.”

Nepales also includes some charming backstage moments before the ceremony began: “Earlier, on the lawn of the famed Cipriani Hotel, before we all boarded boats for the awarding at Lido, Tim told us, ‘I knew Johnny was in a band. I knew he was musical. I know him well enough that he would say, “I can’t do it” if he thought he couldn’t do a singing role.” Adds Nepales, “When Johnny saw Helena, who is pregnant with her second child with Tim (she is due in December), he pointed at her protruding tummy and teased, ‘What happened?’ Helena was quick: ‘We kissed, remember?'”

The Zone thanks Theresa for posting the Nepales article from the Phillipine Daily Inquirer on the News and Views forum; you can read the entire article here: http://tinyurl.com/2ha5o4 –Part-Time Poet