Johnny Depp featured on cover of GQ 50th Anniversary Issue

Congratulations to Johnny Depp, who has been named one of GQ’s “50 Most Stylish Men”–even better, he is one of ten iconic figures featured on (separate) covers of GQ’s 5oth Anniversary issue! “We chose 50 men who epitomized style and change,” says GQ’s Jim Nelson, from “godfathers of cool Sean Connery, Paul Newman, and Robert Redford to the present-day Tom Brady and Johnny Depp.” The other style icons honored with covers are Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, John F. Kennedy, Jack Nicholson, and Al Pacino. The cover photo of Johnny, by Anton Corbijn, originally appeared in Studio Magazine in 1995 and has been photoshopped to remove a cigarette–to see the original pic, click here:

Inside the magazine, there is a one-page feature on Johnny (as one of “The 50 Most Stylish Men”) but no new photos or interview material. “After almost a quarter century in front of the camera, Johnny Depp has shown us everything but himself. Not an easy task when you’ve got those cheekbones, that tousled hair, and an unmitigated youthfulness, which Depp has worked hard to cloak by playing reclusive savants and rock ‘n’roll pirates,” writes GQ. “But we keep searching, trying to nail down his hobo chic–a style that derives from a life spent kicking around the dusty South and the French countryside. ‘I don’t think he’s remotely interested in fashion. He’s a complete instigator of fashion,’ says Penny Rose, the costume designer who collaborated with the actor to create PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN’s Jack Sparrow. ‘His look is always eye-stopping, clever, and completely individual.’ Or, like the last two drags on one of his hand-rolled cigarettes, raw and unapologetically gratifying.”

With their assessment, GQ runs a vintage Herb Ritts photo of Johnny sitting on a stove: Their comment? “A tweak here and there can elevate even the simplest outfits. Notice the rolled-up sleeves, the neckpiece, the beat-up boots instead of sneakers. Small moves like these separate you from the pack.” Yes . . . and talent will separate you even farther from the pack . . . .

Many thanks to Icarus_MalfoySparrow for breaking the news, emma for the GQ story and FANtasticJD for her photo expertise and the original Corbijn photo. For a lively discussion regarding GQ’s editorial choices, see the Zone’s News & Views forum. –Part-Time Poet