SWEENEY TODD, starring Johnny Depp, featured in ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY's Fall Movie Preview

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY’s Fall Movie Preview issue (cover date August 24, 2007) contains a full-page feature (page 100) on SWEENEY TODD, including some lively remarks from director Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter, who plays Mrs. Lovett. “A bloody musical about a homicidal barber and his human-pie-making partner doesn’t exactly sound like standard Christmas viewing,” observes EW, “but that doesn’t bother Burton.” Nor does it bother Bonham Carter: “There’s still such a humanity to it, and that’s what Tim always brings.”

As for the director himself, Burton was intrigued by the challenge SWEENEY TODD posed: “To do an R-rated musical with 70 percent singing was kind like, ‘Well, I haven’t done that one before,'” he told EW. “It’s exciting to keep surprising yourself and see what happens.” Apparently that’s a philosophy shared by the actor who plays Burton’s Sweeney Todd, who can now add singing a musical lead as an entry on his lengthy resume. “[Johnny] was game for it,” Burton said. “When I first heard him, I was amazed.”

Many thanks to emma for sharing the EW story; you can read the full article on the Zone’s News & Views forum or here: http://tinyurl.com/2xup2r . The article includes a half-page publicity photo by Leah Gallo of Johnny Depp as Todd and Helena Bonham Carter as Mrs. Lovett. –Part-Time Poet