BREAKING NEWS–New photos of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis on their yacht in the Mediterranean!

That’s a brand new photo of Johnny Depp, taken on Friday, July 20th, as he cruised the Mediterranean off the island of Elba near the coast of Italy. Johnny and Vanessa Paradis were snapped by paparazzi on board their yacht, the Vajoliroja (formerly the Anatolia, now re-christened in honor of the members of the Depp family. FANtasticJD points out that the yacht’s name is comprised of the first two letters of VAnessa, JOhnny, LIly ROse and JAck–good catch, FAN!). Many thanks to bonnie for sharing the photos with us. To see a full-length photo of Johnny, click here: and to see a photo of Johnny and Vanessa together on deck, click here: Clearly Johnny still has quite a bit of the pirate in his soul: his yacht’s new name, said rapidly, sounds like “the Jolly Roger!” –Part-Time Poet