Announcing a new photo gallery for the Johnny Depp Zone!

We’re happy to announce the latest addition to the Zone’s Photo Galleries: we have added a gallery for the AT WORLD’S END Premiere at Disneyland. It features 44 swoon-worthy pictures of Johnny on the red carpet and waving to the premiere audience from the stage. We hope this gallery will bring back happy memories for those who were at Disneyland or on the Zone on May 19th and will delight new fans who discover Johnny and want to learn about him.

To see the new gallery, click on the Photo Galleries button above, select THE DEPPARTMENT, and scroll down through “Johnny’s Public Appearances.” The gallery for the AWE Premiere is the last entry in that section.

Many thanks to everyone who helped make this gallery possible, especially bonnie, Carasun, Aisha, AnaMaria, sleepy, and theresa. –Part-Time Poet