New photos of Johnny Depp in this week's U.S. entertainment magazines!

Nearly all of this week’s U.S. entertainment magazines–cover date June 4, 2007–feature pictures of Johnny Depp walking the red carpet at the world premiere of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD’S END at Disneyland last Saturday, May 19th. And fortunately for collectors, this time the magazines selected different shots! The thumbnail at left is the photo that appears in PEOPLE Magazine on page 11 (the late Princess Diana and her sons are on the cover); to see a larger version of the PEOPLE photo, click here:

OK Magazine (Sheryl Crow and her new baby on the cover) features a mischievously smiling Johnny on page 8; to see the photo, click here: STAR Magazine has a longer-length shot running with their table of contents on page 8 (Best Beach Bodies on cover); and LIFE & STYLE (Tyra Banks on cover) shows a smiling Johnny on page 15. US Magazine (Janet Jackson on cover) made the least interesting choice by running small photos of Johnny and Orlando side-by-side on page 27 with the headline, “Who’s the hotter Premiere Pirate?” In a poll of 100 women, Johnny won, 63% to 37%, but the pictures are marred by having text on the photos. Before you invest your hard-earned cash, check larger scans of all the photos on the Zone’s News & Views forum to decide which pics are your favorites. –Part-Time Poet