"Blood Brothers"–Johnny Depp and Keith Richards on the cover of the new ROLLING STONE!

Here’s the first look at the cover of the next edition of ROLLING STONE–a beautiful portrait of Keith Richards and Johnny Depp, with the headline “Blood Brothers.” The magazine is not yet on newsstands, but the ROLLING STONE website promises that their next cover story will be a Q&A interview with “the most rock & roll ‘father and son’ of all time: Keith Richards and Johnny Depp.” We can’t wait to read this one! We’ll bring you the interview as soon as it’s available; cover date on the issue is May 31, 2007. Many thanks to Theresa and Donna B. for breaking the news, and to bonnie who sent us the cover photo; you can see a much larger version of this fantastic shot in the “Photo of ROLLING STONE cover” thread on the News & Views forum, at the top of page 3. –Part-Time Poet