Back from the dead, Barbossa enjoys his return–an interview with Geoffrey Rush

Oscar-winner Geoffrey Rush has spent some time in Internet chat rooms, trying to learn if any savvy poster has uncovered the secret of Captain Barbossa’s return from the dead. “I get very intrigued dropping into the chat rooms to see how much they pick up on,” Rush told James Wigney of the Sunday Herald Sun. “It’s like film analysis school–they will pick up random little throwaway shots that are deliberate red herrings and ask, ‘Did anyone see that there?’ In the second film, they were asking, ‘Did anyone see Barbossa’s boots lying in the background?’ And they go back over it.” However, Rush reports, “The great thing is that none of them have really picked what happens in No.3.”

Geoffrey Rush hasn’t yet seen the finished version of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD’S END, due to premiere at Disneyland on Saturday evening: “There are hundreds and hundreds of effects shots that take a lot of time to perfect,” he explains. “So I think when it opens in Anaheim it will be racing in an ambulance from the lab.”

Rush, who won a Best Actor Oscar for SHINE a decade ago, thinks his co-star Johnny Depp deserves “the little golden man” for his creation of Jack Sparrow, “especially as such awards are rarely given to comic roles or blockbusters.” Says Rush, “[The Oscar nomination] was a great feather in his cap, because there is no tradition of that. And to be honest, I think he has created one of the most memorable characters in Hollywood history.”

You can read the full Sunday Herald Sun article on the Zone’s Porch; a transcript of Geoffrey Rush’s May 10th appearance on GOOD MORNING AMERICA is also on that forum. Many thanks to emma for both Rush interviews. –Part-Time Poet