"Comedy is so much nicer"–Johnny Depp is interviewed on GOOD MORNING AMERICA

The photo shows Johnny Depp during his interview on GOOD MORNING AMERICA this morning, Tuesday, May 8th. The five-minute feature, called “A Pirate’s Life for Me: Johnny Depp Up Close,” combined an autobiographical recap with promotion for the upcoming release of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD’S END. GMA’s weekend anchor Bill Weir did sandwich in some fresh questions, however, as he asked Johnny about comic vs. “dark” roles, and about the health of his daughter Lily-Rose. Here is a bit of their conversation:

GMA: How does comedy satisfy you differently than drama, or something tense and psychological?

JD: Oh, boy. It’s so much nicer. So much better than having to travel to . . . dark places. It’s fun to sort of release the trap door and see what everyone’s reaction is.

GMA [narrator]: But he is still drawn to the morbid.

JD: (nodding) Dark.

GMA: You keep going back to the dark, man!

JD: Yeah. I don’t know. There are certain things that arrive in front of you–things like THE LIBERTINE or SWEENEY TODD, with Tim Burton–that you just know that there’s no way around it. You must do it.

GMA: But do you find therapy in your work?

JD: You definitely do. But you know, you find therapy in life–in anything. In family. In your kids.

Regarding the recent serious illness of his daughter Lily-Rose, Johnny offered this update: “As any parent would feel, it was extremely frightening. She’s doing really well. She’s pulled through beautifully–and perfectly, thank God. So everything’s good.” Wonderful news!

Many thanks to Susanne for preparing our video clip and for her screencap, and to emma for the ABC News link and to Intodadepps for posting the first news about GOOD MORNING AMERICA last week. You can see the full video on the ABC News website here: http://tinyurl.com/2xjw6y –Part-Time Poet

TV ALERT–Johnny Depp interview on E! News on Wednesday

There’s not a lot of information on this one, but jeral20 reports that tonight’s E! News (Tuesday May 8) included promotion for an interview with Johnny Depp to be shown on tomorrow’s broadcast, Wednesday May 9th. Apparently E! News also sent a reporter to London for the rescheduled press day last Monday. Thanks to jeral20 for the news.

EXTRA! also showed a brief clip from AWE on their broadcast Tuesday, May 8th, and a very quick interview with Johnny. Their segment focused on AWE’s verbal banter and humor. Johnny was also asked about Keith Richards’ cameo, and he described how the population on the set practically doubled when Keith showed up to film his scenes, because everyone wanted to see him. –Part-Time Poet

Johnny Depp appears–all too briefly–on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, May 7th

Johnny Depp appeared in a very brief segment of ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT during the May 7th broadcast, promoting the release of the third film in the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN trilogy, AT WORLD’S END, and telling the ET reporter “I’ve loved playing Captain Jack.” But what brought that laugh to Johnny’s face? It was the sight of himself, dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow, adorning a large square pillow (pillows available at the Disney Store near you, of course). “Congratulations–you’ve frightened me,” he declared, laughing. “I mean, to see yourself on a pillow! I mean, breakfast cereal . . . .” Johnny paused and snapped his fingers, as if he were now used to seeing the Captain Jack cereal boxes and could take it in stride. “But . . . a pillow?”

To see a screencap of Johnny Depp holding the Captain Jack pillow, click here: http://tinyurl.com/2g49wt Many thanks to RumLover for the ET story and pillow screencap, and to AnaMaria for the photo of Johnny laughing. –Part-Time Poet