"Working with Johnny is incredible"–EMPIRE Magazine interviews Keira Knightley about PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD'S END

In preparation for the coming release of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD’S END, Keira Knightley was interviewed by EMPIRE “to discuss all things Trilogy.” Keira is full of praise for all her colleagues and calls director Gore Verbinski “a hero,” but she expects this to be Elizabeth Swann’s foray into the pirate world: “I can’t imagine them doing another PIRATES,” she tells EMPIRE, “but never say never. I hope if they did, they’d make some different costumes!”

Asked to describe working with Johnny Depp, Keira replies, “Working with Johnny is incredible. I think he’s one of the most talented actors of his generation and seeing him work and create the character is really extraordinary. He takes risks. He’s not one of those actors who’s like, ‘well, this is what my fans would like’ or anything like that. He really pushes boundaries and that’s an extraordinary thing for a young actress to see. I remember seeing him play Captain Jack for the first time and everybody went, ‘what is he doing?’ But he was like, ‘this is the way I’m playing it!’ I love the fact he creates. That’s very inspirational. And as a person, he’s lovely. I like [him] very much. “

And what was it like to work with rock ‘n’ roll legend Keith Richards? “Keith was only there for three days, but he was great,” says Keira. “Obviously after the first film everybody knew that Johnny had done his characterisation of Keith, so it was really lovely to have him come in and do the cameo. He had a hat, a feather and dreadlocks. It was great. I thought he was very nice. [. . .] He did a great pirate ‘aaaaaar!’ Actually, that was the only thing he said to me. I said, ‘Hi I’m Keira’ and he went ‘Aaaar!'” A charming moment . . . .

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"It's great not to have a diva:" Geoffrey Rush talks about PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD'S END and Johnny Depp

Oscar-winning actor Geoffrey Rush, otherwise known as the nefarious Captain Hector Barbossa, recently spoke to Australian critic Mark Bierne about his return to piracy in AT WORLD’S END. Asked if Barbossa, who was a villian in the first film, can now be trusted, Geoffrey Rush replies: “[C]ertainly the implication from that cliffhanger ending on part two is that out of all of the people you want to bring back from the dead to help rescue Jack from being eaten by the beastie, Barbossa’s not the best guy to do it. They’re sworn enemies,” he reminds us.

Asked if the atmosphere on-set was as light-hearted and jovial as what shows on screen, Rush says, “We’ve been doing this on-and-off now for four-and-a-half years so there’s a tremendous camaraderie between all of the departments. The actors don’t just spend time amongst themselves; you spend a good part of the day with the make-up team, the stunt guys, the expert marine department who are ferrying you there. Someone like Johnny is a great team leader,” says Rush. “It’s great not to have a diva. It’s great to have someone who’s very laid-back, very playful . . . he’s probably the only person who dares to ad-lib. A lot of what he throws in makes it into the final mix. Jack Sparrow is some crazy part of Johnny’s brain.”

Geoffrey Rush states that his favorite films to make are those with large, talented ensembles–his turn as beleaguered impresario Philip Henslowe in the Oscar-winning SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE stands out as a favorite role. And his favorite actors? “I’ve been pretty lucky for a middle-aged character actor,” confides Rush; “my leading ladies have been Cate Blanchett and Salma Hayek and Charlize Theron and Kate Winslet. And Johnny Depp, we’ve been together for four-and-a-half years now on these films; he’s one of the great character actors in a leading man’s body who constantly surprises himself and his audience with his capabilities and imagination.”

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