Announcing two new LIBERTINE galleries for the Zone

As we prepare to celebrate the one-year anniversary of THE LIBERTINE’s “wide” release in U.S. theaters–for so many of us, our first chance to see Johnny Depp’s brilliant performance as Lord Rochester–the Zone has added two new photo galleries celebrating this remarkable film. THE LIBERTINE produced so many stunning photographs of Johnny that Sleepy and I decided to split them into two separate galleries–one for images from the film, and one for behind-the-scenes shots. We hope that seeing the galleries will tempt you to view the film again.

Many thanks to Sleepy for the galleries, and to In-too-Depp, bonnie, and Hiro3 for sharing photos and screencaps. To see the galleries, click on the PHOTO GALLERIES button above and select “By Film.” The entries are chronological, so THE LIBERTINE is just above DEAD MAN’S CHEST. Enjoy! –Part-Time Poet