The Johnny Depp Zone Archives are now open!

Happy news–after many months of development, the Johnny Depp Zone Archives are now open! This addition to the Zone represents a long-time dream of mine come true. The Archives are a great place to come and read to learn more about Johnny, to track his growth as an artist over the course of his career, or to be pleasantly diverted with stories about his movie characters. At present, the JDZ Archives have 3 sections: Interviews, which contains a collection of the best magazine and newspaper articles published about Johnny Depp in the past twenty years; By Johnny, a collection of works written by Johnny Depp himself; and FanFic, a collection of a few of our favorite works of fan fiction posted on the Zone over our history, presented in a reader-friendly format.

Many thanks to Theresa , who designed the Johnny Depp Zone Archives and did the code for every article and story included here. It was a labor of love, but it was a labor of many months, and we wouldn’t have the Archives without her. Many thanks also to Joni , who was our copy editor and who donated the entire By Johnny archive from her personal collection. Thanks to Emma, In-too-Depp, and DeepinDepp, who joined me in donating many articles from their Johnny Depp collections, and to all the contributors. We also thank Kittycat88, Deppsdebb, Endora, and Linda B. for sharing their fiction.

To visit the Archives, just click on the button next to MESSAGE BOARDS that reads JDZ ARCHIVES–it couldn’t be easier! The Archives are an ongoing project; we will be adding new articles regularly, so please visit often to see what’s new. –Part-Time Poet