"Johnny was in his element"–an eyewitness report from The Sheila Witkin Memorial Concert on Sunday

That’s Johnny Depp on stage in Florida on Sunday (January 28) with his band The Kids, rockin’ the house during the Sheila Witkin Memorial Concert. “Johnny was in his element with his old friends and bandmates . . . completely relaxed and having a good time,” reports Chenault, one of several Zoners who attended the concert. “It was such a beautiful sight.” The set list included the core Kids repertoire plus covers of U2’s “I Will Follow,” the Clash’s “Train in Vain” and–reaching back to the first days of the British Invasion–the Dave Clark Five’s “Glad All Over.” For one number, the Kids were joined onstage by Bruce Witkin’s 15-year-old daughter Veronica, who played guitar with them, showcasing another aspect of Sheila Witkin’s musical legacy–the very talented next generation.

“When Johnny came out to play, he came out on the stage very unceremoniously with no introduction; the guys just walked on stage quietly and picked up their instruments,” reports Kelly, another Zoner in attendance. “I thought I was going to die. Here he was right in front of me doing what he loves to do–play guitar with his friends. From the moment he came on stage, I truly forgot that there was anyone around me. It was such an intimate experience.” Thanks very much to the Zoners who have shared that intimate experience with all of us! You can read all about the Sheila Witkin Memorial Concert on two mammoth threads on the Zone’s News & Views forum. –Part-Time Poet