"Johnny Depp embodies so much of what SHANTARAM is": a new interview with director Mira Nair

In an interview with CNBC, an obviously delighted Mira Nair confirmed that her film of Gregory David Roberts’ bestselling novel SHANTARAM will be “crisscrossing across continents” but will definitely film in Mumbai, where much of the novel is set. “Of course, it’s going to be Mumbai and a combination of Mumbai, London and China. It’s just enormous. But we will definitely be shooting in Mumbai.” She plans to return to India soon to begin assembling the “vast, vast cast” needed for the movie. “It’s an amazing banquet. In terms of actors, I am going to work with some leading actors as well as some unknowns, as I always do it.”

As for her film’s star, Johnny Depp, Ms. Nair told Reuters that she was “elated and honored” to have the opportunity to direct him. “Johnny Depp is an extraordinary human being, an extraordinary actor, and he embodies so much of what SHANTARAM is,” Nair explained. “So when he asked me to direct him, it was just a great honor. It’s also a great honour to get India right on screen.”

The Zone thanks Theresa for posting the CNBC interview (including a video clip) and Emma for the Reuters article: you can read both in their entirety on the Zone’s News & Views forum. –Part-Time Poet