The Gypsy Pyrates encounter Johnny Depp at Guadalupe Dunes

Three women from Grover Beach, California, who call themselves “The Gypsy Pyrates,” met Captain Jack Sparrow himself on Guadalupe Dunes on Thursday, October 19th, Tribune News reporter Sally Connell reports. “Because of an odd combination of dedication and their own wild pirate attire, the Gypsy Pyrates [Rasha Wyndsong, “Kyo” Million, and Rachel Rodriguez] captured Depp’s attention last Thursday as he left the set of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD’S END,” writes Connell. The Gypsy Pyrates, well known for appearances at the Central Coast Renaissance Faire and the Ojai Pirate Fair, were in the group of fans with Zone member Carol Darlin’; that’s Carol’s photo at left, of Johnny signing an autograph for one of the Pyrates. To see a larger version, click HERE. The red sign behind the Pirate and the Pyrate reads “Sign R Bus” . . . and Johnny did!

“When filming ended for the day, Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom, two other stars in the movie, left in a separate vehicle that didn’t stop for fans,” reports Connell, quoting Wyndsong. “But Depp saw the group and had his van pull over. He then met the women and signed his autograph on the outside of their bus.” Connell adds, “Depp talked on a cell phone to the husband of one woman who also staked out the film set after driving up from San Diego, Wyndsong said. ‘Yes, I really am Johnny Depp,’ she recalled him telling the man.” The man in question was Carol Darlin’s husband Steve . . . you can read all about that phone call on the Zone’s thread “Meeting Johnny Depp on Guadalupe Dunes” on the Porch.

According to Gypsy Pyrate Rasha Wyndsong, Johnny Depp “was just friendly and very humble and gracious with his time. He took the time to sign anything anybody put in front of him.” That’s Johnny–no wonder his fans think nothing of driving for hours for the chance to meet him. The Zone thanks emma for posting the Gypsy Pyrates story, which you can read in full on the News & Views forum, and Carol Darlin’ for her pictures and accounts of the day. Well done, Gypsy Pyrates, and take good care of that bus!