Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush, aka Captain Hector Barbossa of the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN trilogy, gave a wide-ranging interview to reporter Claire Sutherland of the Melbourne Herald Sun, in which he discused his present work on the third POTC movie, AT WORLD’S END. “We’re sort of filming the grand finale of the great trilogy where 12 plots all converge on one massive, almost mythological, action sequence,” Rush said. “It’s quite extraordinary and bigger than BEN-HUR. The scene we’re shooting is a global pirate summit.” No more plot details were forthcoming, though: “I can’t say much because (producer) Jerry Bruckheimer might kill me.”

Mr. Rush offered his own take on Keith Richards’ appearance in AT WORLD’S END. “The man I met on set was a very playful, excitable kid,” he explained. “[T]his completely eccentric character turns up and plays by totally different rules to the slightly more manicured actors who turn up, so that was very, very thrilling.” He added, “He’s the only person in the whole trilogy of films who can put Jack Sparrow in his place, and anyone who can put Johnny Depp in his place is a pretty cool guy.”

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