SLEEPY HOLLOW, starring Johnny Depp, released on high-definition DVD

Paramount Home Video has announced that it released SLEEPY HOLLOW, the 1999 release directed by Tim Burton, on high-definition DVD on July 25th. SLEEPY HOLLOW features Johnny Depp’s memorable portrayal of the nervous but insightful police constable Ichabod Crane. DVD reviewer Mark Zimmer writes, “The high-definition widescreen transfer has its high points; the closeups of important manuscripts in particular are stunning in their clarity and definition. Much of the rest of the film has heavy grain and is swathed in fog [. . .]. Although the characters generally look fine, the backgrounds have an unfortunate tendency to shimmer. [. . .] It is, nevertheless, a huge improvement over the murky original DVD, and the blacks and whites are nice and crisp throughout.” You can read the full review on the Zone’s News & Views forum; thanks to theresa for posting it. Amazon currently offers the high-definition SLEEPY HOLLOW for $19.95; you can order it HERE.