Keith Richards to play Teague in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 3!

An official casting notice confirms that Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones will indeed be appearing in the third PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN film. Keith will be playing a pirate named Teague. Thanks very much to emma for breaking the news! Whether Teague is in fact Captain Jack Sparrow’s father, some other relative, Jack’s mentor, or just a very cool dude, is not clear at this point. Although early rumors always suggested that Keith would be playing Captain Jack’s father, which seems quite logical given Johnny Depp’s acknowledgement that Keith inspired his portrayal of Captain Jack, in recent interviews the writers and producer have refused to confirm that relationship, and have only said that Keith will play “a pirate.”

Here’s what Jerry Bruckheimer told journalist Emmanuel Itier: “[W]e are planning on shooting Keith in September. In the third movie there is a pirates council, and he’s going to be one of the pirates in the council. That will be a lot of fun for everybody. We’ve had him in costume and he looks fantastic.” Thanks to Joni and Alix for the Bruckheimer interview; you can read it on the Porch.

In an interview with EMPIRE Magazine, Keira Knightley confirms that she has scenes scheduled with Keith Richards, but that Orlando Bloom doesn’t. You can read EMPIRE’s dual interview with Keira and Orlando HERE; thanks very much to gilly for posting it on the Porch.