Articles from May 2006

20th Anniversary version of PLATOON, with new Johnny Depp footage, on sale today

The 20th Anniversary edition of Oliver Stone’s 1986 Oscar-winning PLATOON comes to retail stores in region 1 today; Stone’s new draft of his Vietnam war story includes ten minutes of additional footage cut from the 1986 version, although it is not clear from the advance publicity whether these minutes have been added back into the film or are presented as “deleted scenes.” We have been promised a bit more footage of Johnny Depp as Private Lerner, but Deppheads may want to rent the video first to see what’s available before making a purchase. Also, there are two versions of the 20th Anniversary PLATOON–a one-disc and a two-disc version–so check the packaging carefully before you buy. The beautiful photo of Johnny in character as Lerner ran in the May 30th USA TODAY; you can see a larger version HERE. Thanks to Charly and Donna B. for posting the PLATOON photo, and DeepinDepp, theresa, and emma for posting reviews and information about the Anniversary edition. Look for the “Platoon DVD” thread in the Pit to read all about it.

Franka Potente rumored to be in talks to appear with Johnny Depp in SHANTARAM

The imdb reports that German actress Franka Potente is “in talks” to appear with Johnny Depp in the upcoming Warner Bros. film of Gregory David Roberts’ sweeping epic SHANTARAM. Ms. Potente previously appeared with Johnny Depp in BLOW, where she gave a warm and luminous performance as George Jung’s girlfriend Barbara Buckley. Movie fans will also remember her as Matt Damon’s love interest in THE BOURNE IDENTITY. Presumably Ms. Potente is being considered by director Peter Weir for the pivotal role of Karla . . . . The Zone thanks Sierra for posting the news from the imdb and FANtasticJD for the photo of Franka and Johnny in BLOW.

"Restored" version of 1986 Oscar-winner PLATOON screens at Cannes

Oliver Stone’s 1986 film PLATOON screened at the Cannes Film Festival today, in honor of the landmark Vietnam War film’s 20th anniversary. Ironically, PLATOON was refused screening at Cannes in 1986 and then went on to win the Best Picture Oscar. Director Oliver Stone, accompanied by actors Charlie Sheen, Willem Dafoe, and Tom Berenger, arrived for the showing of the “restored” version of PLATOON, which includes more than ten minutes excised from the 1986 cut of the film. Johnny Depp, who plays Private Gator Lerner in PLATOON and is reported to be featured in much of the newly added footage, did not attend the screening.

The two-disk 20th-anniversary edition of PLATOON arrives in Region 1 retail outlets a week from Tuesday (May 30th). Thanks to Gilbert’s Girl and emma for the Cannes update; you can read more about PLATOON on the Porch, on the thread entitled “Paging Pvt. Lerner–share your PLATOON memories here.”

BREAKING NEWS–New paparazzi pictures of Johnny Depp in Los Angeles, May 16th!

Johnny Depp, with his bodyguard at his side, paid a one-hour visit to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department on Tuesday, May 16th. Johnny appeared relaxed and smiling in a series of paparazzi photographs; Zone members can see them on our Recent Pics board. To see a larger version of our thumbnail photo, click HERE. Johnny is wearing sunglasses, a trucker hat, his favorite camo shirt, and a black “Homeland Security” tee shirt that honors Native Americans. Thanks very much to AnaMaria and bonnie for the pictures!

If you would like a “Homeland Security” tee shirt like Johnny’s, they are available HERE. Thanks to theresa for the detective work to find the shirts!

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in May 29th issue of PEOPLE Magazine!

The May 29, 2006 issue of PEOPLE MAGAZINE features a “sneak peek” of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN’S CHEST. There is no new interview with Johnny Depp, alas–I suppose that would be too much to hope for–but there are several excellent photos by Peter Mountain of “Jack Sparrow and his mateys.” The brief commentary does include some basic plot spoilers, so be ye warned . . . . In other magazine news, Johnny Depp is featured on the July cover of the Japanese movie magazine SCREEN. This marks the second month in a row that Johnny has been SCREEN’s cover choice. Imagine what could happen if Johnny did a new photo shoot or two? You can see the July SCREEN cover HERE. Thanks to emma for the news about PEOPLE and GAO for the news from Japan.

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE VISUAL GUIDE now available from bookstores

Feast your eyes on the new PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE VISUAL GUIDE, a coffee-table book from DK Publishing with beautiful illustrations from THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL and DEAD MAN’S CHEST. The list price is $19.99, but Amazon is selling it for $12.99 plus shipping. (To order, click HERE.) The book features a foreword by POTC producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Here are some of his comments on Johnny Depp:

“[I]t soon became clear after the film was released that Johnny Depp had created a brand-new, authentic motion picture icon with his performance as Captain Jack Sparrow. Johnny’s known for creathing his own characters, and he had a definite vision for Jack Sparrow which was completely unique. We just let him go and he came up with this off-center, yet very shrewd pirate, with his dreadlocks, gold teeth, and grand assortment of ornamental beads and charms. He can’t quite hold his balance, his speech is a bit slurred, so you assume he’s either drunk, seasick or he’s been on a ship too long. But it’s all an act perpetrated for effect. And strange as it seems, it’s also part of Captain Jack’s charm. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences certainly thought so, honoring Johnny with an Oscar nomination for Best Actor.”

The Zone thanks DeepinDepp for the news on THE VISUAL GUIDE. Thanks also to Joni for the Amazon link.

Johnny Depp voted "best" celebrity autograph signer by Autograph Collector magazine

In their 14th annual survey of most cooperative and least cooperative celebrities, AUTOGRAPH COLLECTOR magazine ranks Johnny Depp the best autograph signer in the business. (Cameron Diaz was rated the worst.) This is the second year in a row that Johnny has topped the autograph-chasers “best” list. “Many stars become bad signers once fame and fortune hits, but not Depp,” writes Steve Cyrkin, the magazine’s editor. “He’s even signed autographs for crowds at the airport while carrying luggage.” Many Zoners can attest to Johnny’s graciousness firsthand; in the past year alone, Johnny signed autographs for Zone members in Los Angeles, London, and Tokyo for the CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY premieres, and in Toronto for THE CORPSE BRIDE. On the day Johnny put his handprints and footprints in cement at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, he signed dozens of autographs under a broiling Los Angeles sun. We hope he knows how much his acts of kindness mean to the ecstatic recipients.

The Zone thanks emma for breaking the story; you can read the full article, including the lists of 10 best and 10 worst celebrity signers, on the News & Views forum.

Johnny Depp to voice to Bethesda's PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE LEGEND OF JACK SPARROW video game

Johnny Depp will do original voice work for a video game for the first time in Bethesda’s new PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE LEGEND OF JACK SPARROW. Bethesda’s game, which is one of a slew of new games in development about the best pirate we’ve ever seen, is the only title to feature Johnny’s voice and likeness. Game action covers some of Jack’s adventures before the events in THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL, as well as taking the player through the first movie and events up to the beginning of DEAD MAN’S CHEST. “It’s incredible how this franchise has grown,” writes John Gaudiosi of the Washington Post. “It was a theme park ride, then came out of nowhere as a hit movie, and now there is a plethora of video games based on it.” There may be a plethora–but we want the one featuring Johnny Depp’s voice! The Zone thanks theresa for the news; you can read the full article on the News & Views forum.

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow on cover of June ULTIMATE DVD

The June 2006 issue of ULTIMATE DVD magazine features the redoubtable Captain Jack Sparrow on the cover (with the inevitable headline, “Jack’s back!”). To see a larger version of the cover, click HERE. Their article on summer blockbusters gives PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN’S CHEST top billing. “At the close of the unexpectedly successful (and enjoyable) first movie, everything seemed to be tied up in a nice neat bow. But then, Hollywood counted their pennies and subsequently Jack, Will, and Elizabeth’s world had to be turned upside down again in the name of entertainment,” ULTIMATE DVD observes. “This time, knowing they’re on to a good thing, the writers have made Captain Jack the main protagonist . . . . It’ll certainly be a fun ride that will be worth it on Depp’s performance alone.” Thanks to In-too-Depp for posting the magazine scans on the News & Views forum; she has also posted a brief article on DEAD MAN’S CHEST from the current issue of PREMIERE.

In other magazine news, Gilbert’s Girl reports that a vintage Captain Jack Sparrow picture graces the current cover of the UK magazine HOT DOG; however, she warns readers that the article is only a cut-and-paste recycling of old, familiar quotes. The Zone thanks Gilbert’s Girl for keeping us informed.

Thanks also to emma for advising us that the May 22nd issue of PEOPLE features a great picture of Johnny Depp strutting through Nice Airport–it is the first photo in PEOPLE’s Star Tracks section for the week. The caption reads, “NICE, FRANCE, MAY 4: After about two weeks in France with longtime partner Vanessa Paradis and their kids, Lily-Rose, 6, and Jack, 4, Johnny Depp is set to board a flight heading stateside.”

Keith Richards recovering from brain surgery in New Zealand

Rolling Stones’ guitar legend Keith Richards, long acknowledged by Johnny Depp as the inspiration behind his portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow, is recovering from surgery to relieve a blood clot on the brain. Richards sustained a concussion in a fall from a coconut tree in Fiji at the end of April, and was flown to Ascot Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand, for treatment. Richards was lucid and talking to his family soon after the operation on May 8th; however, a spokewoman for the Stones announced that the European dates for the “Bigger Bang” tour will need to be pushed back from May to June, to allow Richards time to recover. All of Johnny’s fans wish Keith a speedy recovery; he’s part of the family. The Zone thanks In-too-Depp, Anna, DeepinDepp, Gilbert’s Girl, theresa, Lady Pirate, and sleepy for reporting on this story.

Zone Birthday Project donations for Children's Hospice top $2,500!

With one month left before Johnny Depp’s 43rd birthday, the Zone is happy to report that our Birthday Project in support of Children’s Hospice has collected more than $2,500! This total includes Paypal donations and profits from merchandise in the Zone’s Cafe Press shops. If you haven’t stopped by the Zone shops lately, ACK has added great new items, like coasters and tile boxes, in addition to the assortment of tee shirts, mouse pads, notebooks, and teddy bears. All six designs are the work of talented Zone artists, and they feature the Children’s Hospice slogans, “Only love . . . ” and “Today is a gift–have fun!” You can make a Paypal donation to the Zone’s Birthday Project HERE, and you can visit the merchandise shops HERE. Please visit the 2006 Birthday Project forum for a more detailed update of our progress.

The Zone thanks everyone who has donated to this worthy cause–we can’t think of a better way to salute Johnny Depp on his birthday than by helping seriously ill children and their families.

ONBC returns to CHOCOLAT for its May-June book discussion–and interviews author Joanne Harris!

“One taste is all it takes . . .” the ad campaign for CHOCOLAT promised moviegoers, and this month Oprah Noodlemantra’s Book Club confirms that one taste of CHOCOLAT is not enough. At the request of the ONBC members, ONBC moderators Liz and DeppintheHeartofTexas are returning to Joanne Harris’s novel, with tidbits and discussion preparation running throughout the month of May and a new discussion of CHOCOLAT beginning in June. To add to the excitement, ONBC members will have a chance to submit questions for a Q & A session with author Joanne Harris! Congratulations to Liz and DITHOT on their coup–we’re looking forward to reading Joanne Harris’s comments on the Zone. The Q & A will come near the end of the discussion. If you haven’t visited the Zone’s book club yet, this would be a great time to join the Noodlemantras–the more, the merrier.

BREAKING NEWS–Johnny Depp photographed at Nice Airport on May 4th

Johnny Depp was photographed passing through the airport at Nice, France en route to a private plane on Thursday, May 4th. PEOPLE Magazine notes, “Johnny Depp is on the move again, leaving Nice with girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, 4-year-old son Jack and daughter Lily in tow Thursday.” Vanessa’s mother was also with the family. The orange tee shirt that Johnny is wearing is emblazoned with a Gonzo emblem to honor Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, and is bright enough to capture the Good Doctor’s attention in the great beyond. For a full-length version of our thumbnail of Johnny, click HERE. Thanks very much to emma for sharing the picture!

Johnny Depp appears on the cover of ROLLING STONE's 1,000th issue

Johnny Depp is featured among the 150 significant artists who grace the cover of ROLLING STONE’s 1,000th issue, which goes on sale Friday May 5th. The cover, which is printed in 3-D, imitates the famous style of the Beatles’ cover for SGT. PEPPER’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND. You can find Johnny on the far right side, about midway down, above Bono. The picture is from the 2005 Kid’s Choice Awards. To see the cover, click HERE. Thanks to emma and theresa for the news.

The Zone congratulates ROLLING STONE, which published its first issue on November 9, 1967. The magazine has featured Johnny Depp on its cover three times–in 1991; in 1998 for FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS; and in February 2005. Their profiles stand the test of time, and remain among the best journalism ever published on Johnny Depp. ROLLING STONE has also published Johnny Depp’s writing. “A Pair of Deviant Bookends,” his elegiac reminiscence of his friendship with long-time ROLLING STONE journalist Hunter S. Thompson, appeared in the March 24, 2005 issue. Look for the Gonzo fist on the 1,000th-issue cover–it’s blue and near the top left.

Yo ho! New trailers for PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST air on entertainment news shows!

The merry month of May brought a flurry of promotion for PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN’S CHEST, as Disney released exciting new trailers for the film. ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT finally came through with their promised feature on DEAD MAN’S CHEST, which turned out to be some behind-the-scenes footage and clips from a long new trailer. Fans who are trying to avoid spoilers should steer clear, since the trailer reveals quite a bit about the storyline. We can happily report that Captain Jack is indeed back and as witty as ever. Zone members who missed ET can find the segment on our Video Clips forum. Thanks, Susanne, for posting the video and making screencaps; you can see one HERE. And thanks to ACK for posting the news.

ACCESS HOLLYWOOD also aired a feature on DEAD MAN’S CHEST on Monday, May 1st: they ran a new trailer alongside the show’s end-credits. This trailer was very similar to one which aired in Japan over the weekend, and which Charlotte Depp posted on our Video Clips forum. Thanks very much to Charlotte for the clip and to Depputante for her translation, and also to theresa for providing the clip in an alternate format.

Congratulations to Loren of Valencia, California, who won the Disney promotion on and was given the first look at a trailer for DEAD MAN’S CHEST. Thanks to a-pirate’s-life-for-me for the story.

Johnny Depp's new film SHANTARAM starts shooting November 1st, says author Gregory David Roberts

At a recent book signing, author Gregory David Roberts gave a start date for the film of his bestseller SHANTARAM, starring Johnny Depp and directed by Peter Weir. “We start shooting on November 1,” Roberts said, “but I’ve been busy travelling around the world giving speeches.” The author added that he is scheduled to meet Johnny and Peter Weir in the Bahamas in June to discuss the upcoming production. And who would Roberts like to see cast as Karla, the leading female role in SHANTARAM? “I think Charlize Theron is the best actor on this planet,” replied Roberts, “and would suit the role of Karla just right!” Other actresses Roberts’s A-list: Monica Bellucci, Naomi Watts, Jennifer Connelly and Kate Beckinsale. You can read the full interview with Gregory Roberts on the News & Views forum; thanks to Mrs Pink for posting it. Thanks also to Liz, who posted the article on ONBC in the thread on the casting of Karla.