BREAKING NEWS–Johnny Depp presents BAFTA/LA award to director Mike Newell

An opportunity to honor his DONNIE BRASCO director coaxed Johnny Depp into a tux and onto the podium at the BAFTA/LA awards ceremony on Thursday, November 10th in Hollywood. Joined by Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett, Johnny presented Mike Newell with the John Schlesinger Brittania Award for Excellence in Directing. Deppheads recall Newell’s beautifully nuanced direction of 1997’s DONNIE BRASCO, which drew haunting, powerful performances from Johnny and Al Pacino. Newell’s latest film is HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE, opening on November 18th.

The Zone thanks MikaDepp, AnaMaria and bonnie for breaking the news and posting lovely pictures on the Zone’s Recent Pics forum. To see a larger version of our thumbnail, click HERE, and to see a shot of Johnny with Mike Newell and Cate Blanchett, click HERE.

Johnny Depp attends Rolling Stones concert at the Hollywood Bowl!

Johnny Depp attended the Rolling Stones concert at the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday, November 8th, and was photographed backstage schmoozing with Keith Richards and other members of the band. Perhaps, in addition to hearing the Stones rock the Bowl with legendary hits like Start Me Up and Honky Tonk Woman, Johnny took the opportunity to remind Keith what great fun he would have if he agreed to play Captain Jack Sparrow’s dad in the upcoming PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN sequels. Say yes, Keith! To see a larger version of our thumbnail, click HERE, and for another view of Johnny and Keith in conversation, click HERE. The Zone thanks bonnie and AnaMaria for sharing the pictures–members can view more on our Recent Pics forum. Thanks also to emma for posting Steve Hochman’s LA Times article on the concert, and DeepinDepp for posting Dean Goodman’s concert review. Both articles mention Johnny and can be found on the Zone’s News & Views forum.