At last! ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT finally aired their promised story on THE LIBERTINE during Thursday night’s broadcast–less than a minute of footage that nonetheless gave most of Johnny Depp’s North American fans their first glimpse of his fascinating performance as Restoration poet John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester. ET introduced the segment as “the movie that has been dubbed the most controversial of the year. We reveal Johnny Depp, sexually deviant, scandalous, and a very far cry from Willy Wonka.” That difference became obvious with Rochester’s first words: “Ladies, an announcement. I am up for it . . . all the time.”

Viewers saw a few tantalizing hints of the film–the Earl meeting the actress Elizabeth Barry (Samantha Morton), rehearsing a play, or beguiling a woman in a carriage–and heard a few lines of dialogue. “In the film, out November 23rd in selected cities, Depp plays the Earl of Rochester–a rogue, troublemaker, and playwright, who delights in raising eyebrows,” ET announced. “He’s handsome, talented, and has an insatiable appetite for women.” Zone members who missed last night’s ET can see the segment on our Video Clips forum–we thank Intodadepps for coming to the rescue of the Depprived! We also thank her for posting word on News & Views that THE LIBERTINE segment was featured on ET–her timely warning allowed many in later time zones to see and tape the show.

A final thank you to FANtastic JD for sharing her screencaps from ET. For a larger version of our thumbnail, click HERE, and for a look at that already-notorious carriage scene, click HERE.