TV ALERT–THE LIBERTINE trailer premieres tonight, October 21st, on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT! (Oops. No–it doesn't. False advertising from ET.)

Finally! Deppheads can catch their first glimpse of the trailer for Johnny Depp’s long-awaited film THE LIBERTINE tonight, Friday October 21st, on the syndicated entertainment news program ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT. A story on the ET Online website promotes tonight’s segment: “Oscar-nominated actor JOHNNY DEPP trades in his pirate’s sword for a writer’s pen in the controversial dramatic comedy THE LIBERTINE.

“The film takes place in 17th century London, and follows the rise and inevitable fall of notorious, real-life poet John Wilmot, the Earl of Rochester (Depp), as he romances the beautiful young actress Elizabeth Barry (Samantha Morton) and partakes in a wild life of debauchery.

“In LIBERTINE, Wilmot is commissioned to write a play by King Charles II (John Malkovich), and the scandalous script that he comes up with earns him banishment and disgrace. In the present day, Wilmot is celebrated not only for his poetic genius, but also his strong belief in personal freedom and liberty–hence the film’s title.” Perhaps that’s the spin the Weinstein Company, with an Oscar campaign in mind, would like to put on the film’s title–and Wilmot certainly endorsed personal liberty in every sense–but it’s far more likely that writer Stephen Jeffreys chose the title LIBERTINE for its dictionary definition: “one who leads a dissolute life.” Dissolute but endlessly fascinating–especially with Johnny Depp in the role!

ET showtimes vary across the country, so find your local listing by clicking the “Watch ET” button HERE. The Zone thanks emma, tocnavforjd, Kazren, and DeepinDepp for breaking the news on the Zone’s News & Views forum.

EDITOR’S NOTE–The Zone is very sorry to report that, despite the advertising on their website, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT did NOT air THE LIBERTINE trailer during their broadcast on Friday, October 21. No explanation was given, nor was there any announcement of when the trailer might eventually be shown. Sadly, this bait-and-switch technique is typical of ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT; longtime Depp fans can recall other occasions when they promised to air footage of Johnny which they then failed to deliver.