BREAKING NEWS–Hurricane Wilma forces shutdown of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN sequels!

As Hurricane Wilma gathered force in the Caribbean, Disney shut down production on the two PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN sequels currently filming in the Bahamas, and evacuated the cast and crew to safety. According to a news report, “[A]s warnings about Wilma grew more severe the decision was made to get everyone out of the firing line. Planes were chartered to evacuate the cast and crew from their Bahamian location, and Disney is confident they have ensured the safety of the whole production team. […] While the likes of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom are now safe, there are still concerns over whether the film’s sets can weather the storm, which is unlikely if Wilma was to make a direct hit [on Grand Bahama]. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Director Gore Verbinski will be glued to the weather reports over the next few days.”

The Zone thanks emma for breaking the news on our News & Views forum; you can read the full story HERE. We send our support to everyone in the path of Hurricane Wilma and hope that the storm passes quickly with a minimum of damage.