BREAKING NEWS–Johnny Depp charms press at Toronto Film Festival!

Wearing a blue shirt and jeans, a relaxed Johnny Depp appeared at the Sutton Place Hotel in Toronto this morning, September 10th, for a press conference in support of Tim Burton’s CORPSE BRIDE, which has its North American premiere at the Toronto Film Festival tonight. Johnny was joined on the panel by Tim, Helena Bonham-Carter (who voices the Corpse Bride), composer Danny Elfman, and Mike Johnson, the film’s co-director. Depp biographer Christopher Heard, who attended the press conference, was the latest in a string of long-time Depp watchers to remark about the change in Johnny’s demeanor, now that he’s a happy man. In an article for The Gate, Heard writes:

“[A]s an observation made by someone who has spent a bit of time on and off with Johnny Depp since 1998, I can say that I have never seen him so relaxed at a press event (something he absolutely loathes participating in). I have been with Mr. Depp in formal interview setting, on movie sets, having coffee, and at press conferences (most of it for the book I did on Depp and his films called DEPP). I have found that he is an introverted person off-camera (unless you start talking about books, he loves talking about books) but today, with actor Helena Bonham Carter on one flank and Mike Johnson on his other flank (with Tim Burton and Danny Elfman also on the panel) Depp looked calm and relaxed [. . .].”

Heard continues, “Depp joked with Helena Bonham Carter and was tripped into near hysterical laughter every time his friend Tim Burton cracked a joke. Depp was clearly uncomfortable by some of the questions (especially the one about his participation in the rather eccentric send-off he planned and carried out for his friend, the late Hunter S. Thompson) and clearly bemused and bewildered by others (one woman asked him if his children were afraid of him!) but through it all he remained respectful and jovial.” The Zone thanks emma for posting Heard’s article on the News & Views forum; you can read the full story HERE.

If you would like to see the 45-minute press conference in its entirety, video links have been posted on the News & Views forum by Charly and Silvia. Many thanks to them for their work!

Fantastic photos from the press conference are pouring into the Zone–we thank Dark Angel, Gilbert’s Girl, AnaMaria, a-pirate’s-life-for-me, and DeepinDepp for posting photos on the Recent Pics board. A special bouquet of lilies and roses for bonnie, who is doing her usual fabulous job presenting very large, high resolution pictures on Recent Pics. For a larger version of our photo at the left, click HERE, and for a picture of Johnny with Helena Bonham Carter, click HERE.