"Johnny Depp has become a box-office powerhouse," says the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

In his analysis of the disappointing movie summer of 2005, Martin A. Grove of THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER did notice some bright spots that movie studios could count on to put patrons in the seats. “Some films actually did quite well in spite of the soft marketplace,” Grove observes. “So there are lessons to be learned by focusing on what worked during this period when moviegoers were extremely selective about what they spent their money on.” Grove’s conclusion? “[S]tar power still makes a big difference at the boxoffice.”

Depp fans who remember the days when Johnny’s films couldn’t find an audience must smile to find Grove writing this about Johnny today: “With about $153 million under its domestic boxoffice belt the PG rated CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY is a solid success, much of which can be credited to its star Johnny Depp. After emerging as a superstar in Disney’s PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, Depp’s become an above-the-title powerhouse.” The trade paper notes approvingly that Johnny drew people to see CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY without splashing his private life all over the tabloids: he didn’t jump off couches like Tom Cruise or romance his co-star like Brad Pitt. Moviegoers actually showed up to watch him act; what a novel idea!

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