Articles from August 2005

CORPSE BRIDE will be rising to the occasion a bit sooner than expected

Strong advance buzz for Tim Burton’s CORPSE BRIDE convinced Warner Bros. to give the stop-motion animated film an early release in major markets. CORPSE BRIDE will now open “in selected cities” in North America on September 16, 2005; the wide release will remain as originally scheduled on September 23, 2005. Thanks to FANtasticJD for breaking the story. Nationwide television commercials for CORPSE BRIDE are now appearing; one ran on Monday night during the highly-rated drama CSI MIAMI.

In other CORPSE BRIDE news, DeepinDepp reports that the soundtrack recording will be released by Warner Sunset Records/Warner Bros. Records on Tuesday, September 20th. The score is once again the work of longtime Burton collaborator Danny Elfman, who also composed the music for EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, SLEEPY HOLLOW, and CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. Elfman calls his assignment “a real treat. Tim’s visuals make the perfect complement for the kind of stuff I love doing most. These wonderfully fun, dark, offbeat tales are the perfect platform for me to write odd, slightly twisted, obscure styles such as my favorite musical era…1930’s jazz. I only hope we get to do more in the future.”

A new gallery for THE DEPPARTMENT featuring Johnny's Tonight Show appearance!

The Zone is happy to announce the opening of a brand new gallery in THE DEPPARTMENT. Called “Leno 2005,” it features 48 pictures of Johnny in his July 13th appearance on THE TONIGHT SHOW with Jay Leno. We thank bonnie for donating two pictures to the gallery, and we particularly thank theresa who provided the 46 beautiful screencaps which comprise the rest of the gallery.

“Leno 2005” is the first screencap gallery the Zone has ever posted. We are very grateful and proud to be able to share this record of Johnny’s appearance with his fans all over the world.

To view the new gallery, click on the GALLERIES button on the home page, select the DEPPARTMENT, and click on the thumbnail of Johnny in his Gonzo shirt.

Johnny Depp to present BBC radio documentary on James Dean on September 27th!

Johnny Depp will present a documentary on the life of 1950’s film legend James Dean on BBC Radio 2. The program will air on September 27th, 2005–exactly 50 years after Dean’s untimely death in a car crash. Dean’s film career was brief–he had leading roles in only three films, REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, GIANT, and EAST OF EDEN–but he left an indelible mark on American cinema. Noting that Johnny was frequently compared to James Dean early in his career, the BBC said Johnny would “highlight the artistic passion that drove this country boy from rural Indiana to become a 20th Century icon.” The Zone thanks emma for breaking the story.

HAPPILY EVER AFTER arrives on DVD in the U.S. on October 11th!

Many Depp fans never had the opportunity to see Johnny Depp’s delicious cameo as Charlotte Gainsbourg’s perfect fantasy man in Yvan Attal’s HAPPILY EVER AFTER (ILS SE MARIERENT . . .) because the film had a limited arthouse release. However, on October 11th, we will be Depprived no longer. Kino, the film’s U.S. distributor, will release a Region 1 DVD with English subtitles. The DVD carries a fairly steep price of $29.99, but discounts are available. Amazon offers 10% off and free shipping (final cost, $26.95). Depp fans can save even more by ordering the DVD direct from the distributor. Kino is offering a 30% discount, which reduces the price to $20.97; they will begin accepting advance orders in early September. You can order your copy through Kino’s Consumer Video Sales department HERE. The Zone thanks FANtastic JD for posting the news.

Depp fans may also be interested in Kino’s outstanding collection of films of the great silent movie comedians Harold Lloyd, Fatty Arbuckle, and Buster Keaton.

BREAKING NEWS–Johnny Depp to visit Japan in early September!

Johnny Depp’s many Japanese fans received the best possible news in their morning papers–word that Johnny will be visiting Japan to promote the opening of CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. Johnny is scheduled to arrive on Saturday, September 3rd. He will do a press day in Tokyo with Tim Burton on September 4th, and will walk the red carpet for the Japanese premiere of CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY on September 5th. Johnny has visited Japan once before, to promote DEAD MAN, but that was ten years ago–Deppheads have been waiting a very long time for a return visit. The Zone thanks Charlotte Depp for breaking the story on the News & Views forum.

"Hunter, this is for you:" more details about Hunter's sendoff

When Johnny Depp stepped up to a podium to address Hunter S. Thompson’s family and friends Saturday night at the elaborate memorial service he had planned and funded, he kept his remarks characteristically modest. “It’s nice to be able to give a little something back,” Johnny said. “Hunter, this is for you.” Later, he played the guitar and sang “My Old Kentucky Home” with Lyle Lovett and Jimmy Ibbotson of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band–a gesture to Hunter’s Kentucky roots (which Johnny shares).

Two hours of tributes and reminiscences preceded the launching of the fireworks containing Hunter’s ashes. His widow Anita spoke first, reading Hunter’s favorite poem, Coleridge’s visionary “Kubla Khan,” through her tears. “We’ve been through a lot together,” she told her guests. “Hunter just wants to come home.” CBS news reporter Ed Bradley and Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner, both longtime friends, spoke of their affection for Hunter and their admiration for his groundbreaking journalism. 1972 Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern, whose doomed campaign was documented by Hunter in a brilliant book, saluted Hunter and wished him “a happy journey in that land of mystery.” Juan Thompson, Hunter’s only child, was the last to speak, and dismissed the idea that the farewell ceremonies were designed to bring closure. “I don’t want closure; I want to remember him,” Juan Thompson said. “Missing him is a way of loving him.”

Mint juleps–another Kentucky tradition–were given to arriving guests, but no alcohol was served during the tributes until just before Hunter’s ashes were launched. Then trays of champagne circulated so Hunter’s friends could raise a toast. The Gonzo monument was unveiled to the strains of “Spirit in the Sky.” A troupe of Japanese ceremonial drummers reached a crescendo as the fireworks exploded in the Colorado night. Johnny and Juan Thompson solemnly raised their champagne glasses and then embraced one another as the ashes fell.

The brightly lit monument continued to shine an image of the Gonzo fist on the clouds over Owl Farm as Hunter’s guests lingered to the wee hours of the morning. Boston attorney George Tobia, one of the executors of Hunter’s estate, told reporter Jeff Kass, “I really think this is the greatest celebration that anyone has ever thrown for anyone else.” Given the breadth of soul of the man who inspired it and the man who created it, it could not be anything else.

The Zone thanks emma for posting reports from the New York Times and the Rocky Mountain News; johnnysboots for the article from the Denver Post; sjc, who posted a radio interview from NPR with one of the guests; and Charly, Reemi, and theresa who posted news videos. Links to the videos and many news stories can be found on the Zone’s News & Views forum.

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson's ashes blasted into sky from 153-foot high cannon

Johnny Depp’s quest to fulfill his late friend’s wishes came to a successful conclusion tonight as the ashes of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson blasted skyward in fireworks shot from a 153-foot-tall replica of HST’s famous emblem, the Gonzo fist. (For a larger view of the fireworks picture, click HERE.) The tower, a temporary structure, was built on the grounds of Owl Farm, Thompson’s home at Woody Creek, Colorado, near Aspen. An invitation-only crowd of several hundred family members and close friends gathered at Owl Farm for Hunter’s spectacular sendoff, six months after the celebrated writer died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The tower construction, fireworks launching, and farewell gathering are estimated to cost between $2 and $2.5 million; Hunter’s widow Anita confirms that Johnny Depp is paying for the event as a gesture of love for Hunter, whom Johnny played in the 1998 film of FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS. She told the Aspen Daily News,”My husband is the only writer in American history that I know of that could inspire this sort of monumental tribute and Johnny is the only one who could pull it off. I think it’s his way of mourning, and he’s helping a lot of people heal by doing this for Hunter. […] He’s a Southern gentleman. That’s why Hunter loved him so much.”

In an AP interview in July, Johnny explained his quest to fulfill Hunter’s often-expressed request to have his ashes launched, rather than simply scattered, over his Woody Creek farm. “We had talked a couple of times about his last wishes to be shot out of a cannon of his own design,” Johnny explained. “All I’m doing is trying to make sure his last wish comes true. I just want to send my pal out the way he wants to go out.”

Venice Film Festival Update: TIM BURTON'S CORPSE BRIDE to screen on September 7th

The 62nd annual Venice Film Festival will screen TIM BURTON’S CORPSE BRIDE out of competition at 7:30 p.m. in the Sala Grande on Wednesday, September 7, 2005. The stop-motion animated feature is already generating strong Oscar buzz in the trades, although it will not premiere in the U.S. until September 23rd. CORPSE BRIDE was directed by Mike Johnson and Tim Burton, and its voice cast includes Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham-Carter, Christopher Lee, Albert Finney, and Emily Watson. There has been no announcement yet regarding the talent who will appear in Venice in support of CORPSE BRIDE. Johnny will be shooting PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 3 at that time; he may not be free to attend the Venice Film Festival, but of course all his fans (and no doubt the festival organizers)are hoping he will make an appearance. The Zone thanks emma for posting the Venice date on the News & Views forum.

In related festival news, today’s Hollywood Reporter announces that CORPSE BRIDE will screen out of competition at this year’s Deauville festival. Screening date at Deauville is Saturday, September 10th. Thanks, emma!

TV ALERT–Johnny Depp's TONIGHT SHOW appearance to re-air on August 30th!

Deppheads will once again be able to enjoy Johnny Depp’s most recent appearance on THE TONIGHT SHOW with Jay Leno when the broadcast re-airs on Tuesday evening, August 30th. The interview, done to promote CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, shows Johnny relatively relaxed, sporting a newsboy cap and a black T-shirt emblazoned with the Gonzo emblem. Johnny discusses (among other topics) his involvement in the memorial for Hunter S. Thompson; his early days as a car mechanic; the vintage Packard he took to the Burbank studios; and why you should never, ever eat cocktail peanuts at a bar. Don’t go to bed too soon, because the guest following Johnny is Eva Mendes, his love interest in ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO; you can see them exchanging a quick hug in the hall as Johnny leaves the set and Eva arrives. The Zone thanks Potato Chips for sharing the news, and Chocolat for updating the date of the rebroadcast from August 26th to August 30th.

Preparations nearly complete for Hunter S. Thompson memorial service on Saturday

The remarkable life of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson will be celebrated by an invitation-only crowd of his closest friends on Saturday at Owl Farm, Thompson’s 42-acre property in Woody Creek, Colorado, near Aspen. In keeping with the final farewell Thompson requested in a BBC interview, his cremated remains have been sealed with fireworks into mortar tubes that will be shot from a 153-foot-tall fiberglass replica of the author’s famous Gonzo fist. The world-renowned Zambelli Fireworks company is in charge of the launching the ashes. Company spokeswoman Marcy Zambelli told CBS News that the fireworks will fly at sunset, and will explode 300 feet in the air “with a white flourish.” Then Thompson’s ashes will fall to rest on the farm he loved and called his “psychic anchor.” Matt Moseley, spokesman for Owl Farm, promises that the launching of Hunter’s ashes from the giant Gonzo fist “with the full moon rising over Woody Creek, [. . .] will be the most fantastic celebration happening on the planet.”

Johnny Depp, who played Hunter Thompson in the film adaptation of Thompson’s classic FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS, is paying the tab for his dear friend’s sendoff. Costs of the memorial, including the construction of the temporary Gonzo fist monument which is two feet taller than the Statue of Liberty, are now estimated to top $2 million. Matt Moseley told Jeff Kass of the Rocky Mountain News that, in addition to the Gonzo Fist cannon, workers are also constructing a bar to comfortably accommodate up to 400 mourners. “Think of Hunter’s favorite place where he would love to entertain all his very best friends,” Moseley explained, adding that the wooden bar will have chandeliers, Thompson memorabilia, and a “lounge atmosphere.” Lyle Lovett and former Nitty Gritty Dirt Band singer/guitarist Jimmy Ibbotson will perform at the memorial. Anita Thompson, Hunter’ widow, will be presenting copies of her husband’s books as gifts to attendees.

Although there is tremendous public interest in the event, the Thompson family stresses that the memorial is private. “Please respect that this is a private event for people who were close to Hunter and his family,” Moseley told Troy Hooper of the Aspen Daily News. Moseley believes that the late journalist would “be damn proud” of Saturday’s memorial. “There’s a lot of love going around with the people who are involved with this. It really brings out how much people respected him and his substantive contributions to America, which were in literature, justice and friendship.”

The Johnny Depp Zone will honor Dr. Hunter S. Thompson all day Saturday with tribute threads on the Porch and a special celebration on ONBC. The Zone’s book club is preparing to read Thompson’s FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS next month; Liz and DeppintheHeartofTexas invite all of Hunter’s admirers to join the Noodlemantras on a “savage journey into the heart of the American dream.” There is no better way to honor Hunter S. Thompson’s memory than by reading his work, and we thank Liz and DITHOT for helping the Zone to give a proper farewell salute to the good doctor. We also thank emma and Reemi for posting articles about Hunter’s memorial on the News & Views forum.

News about THE LIBERTINE release dates–November 25th in the UK, December in the U.S.!

UK Deppheads who have been on pins and needles waiting for any word of a release date for THE LIBERTINE, Laurence Dunmore’s maiden effort starting Johnny Depp as the decadent Earl of Rochester, can finally circle a date on their calendars: November 25th! Emma reports that the UK distributor for THE LIBERTINE, Entertainment Film, has confirmed a release date of November 25, 2005. At last–a true bit of holiday cheer for our friends across the Pond. Thanks for the great news, emma!

Meanwhile, it looks as if UK fans will get the first look at Wilmot, since Miramax, which is distributing THE LIBERTINE in the U.S., has just postponed the release date from mid-September to December, 2005! THE LIBERTINE was given a September release along with many other Miramax films, due to the imminent separation of Miramax from its one-time corporate parent, Disney. Much as we longed to see the film, knowledgeable fans mourned since a September release would virtually kill any chance for Oscar consideration for Johnny’s performance.

Now Miramax has rethought its strategy regarding THE LIBERTINE. In an article about Miramax in the Los Angeles Times on August 16th, Claudia Eller writes that the Weinsteins plucked THE LIBERTINE off the fire sale pile to save it for an Oscar push for Johnny Depp as Rochester. “THE LIBERTINE period piece starring Johnny Depp was [. . .] recently moved from September to December to increase Depp’s Oscar chances,” notes Eller, adding that “the Weinsteins also will promote and release Depp’s THE LIBERTINE through their new company, collecting a distribution fee from Disney.” The Zone thanks micdus for posting the Los Angeles Times article on the News & Views forum. You can read the whole article about Miramax HERE.

Sleepy adds an interesting note from internet critic David Poland, who offers this comment on the shift in the release date: “THE LIBERTINE, scheduled for December awards hopefulness, will quietly disappear if the critics don’t bite and bite hard…. unless keeping Johnny happy becomes the first priority… which would be a fiscally sound choice.” Now that Johnny Depp is #7 on the Forbes celebrity 100 list and a box office powerhouse, Miramax and Disney have to treat his projects with respect. “A few years ago, THE LIBERTINE would have been given the DEAD MAN treatment,” sleepy observes. “How times change.”

A 15th Anniversary edition of EDWARD SCISSORHANDS on DVD!

Deppheads eager to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the release of EDWARD SCISSORHANDS will be able to mark the occasion with a new DVD. Twentieth Century Fox will release EDWARD SCISSORHANDS: THE ANNIVERSARY EDITION on November 15, 2005 in region 1. The DVD will be issued in full-screen and anamorphic widescreen editions, and the widescreen DVD will be available in a special tin box. So far, so marvelous . . . but alas, the extra features all sound identical to the 10th anniversary edition: audio commentaries from director Tim Burton and composer Danny Elfman, a “Making Of” feature, trailers, and concept art. Hopefully 20th Century Fox will round up a couple of shiny new interviews to go with the shiny tin box. May we suggest a set of cast interviews, beginning with Edward Scissorhands himself?

November will be a DVD feast for Deppheads, as Johnny has a DVD being released on each of the first three Tuesdays in the month: Season 4 of 21 JUMP STREET on November 1, CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY on November 8, and now the 15th Anniversary edition of EDWARD SCISSORHANDS on November 15. Thanks to DeepinDepp for the news!

Keith Richards tells the press he's eager to do PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 3

The long-discussed plans to have Rolling Stone Keith Richards appear in a sequel to PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL seem to be coming to fruition at last. Johnny Depp, who credits Richards as one of his inspirations for the character of Captain Jack Sparrow, told reporters during the Nassau press conference for CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY that Keith was eager to play a pirate; Johnny felt the film schedule for POTC 3 could be adjusted around the current Stones tour. Keith has been doing a press junket to promote the new Rolling Stones tour and CD. Asked about playing a pirate by CNN SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Keith replied, “I’d love to do it. I don’t mind giving up a couple of weeks of spare time for a laugh like that, you know? And so I told Johnny, ‘Yes.’ I mean, as long as they can sort out all the business.”

On the August 11th edition of EXTRA!, Keith praised Johnny’s interpretation of Captain Jack Sparrow: “I saw the movie and I thought, hey, he got me down pretty good.” Asked if he would appear in a POTC sequel, Keith told EXTRA!, “We’re up for it if the time could be found.” Grinning, he gestured toward his eye and declared, “We’re ready to put the patch on!”

Mostly, we think that means “Yes.” The Zone thanks Chocolat for the EXTRA! report and emma for Keith’s comment on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

TIM BURTON'S CORPSE BRIDE is a likely Oscar contender, says the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Positive buzz for TIM BURTON’S CORPSE BRIDE keeps building in the industry; although the film won’t be officially released until September 23rd, a columnist for the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER is already suggesting that CORPSE BRIDE could be an Oscar nominee. In an August 10 article entitled “New timetable boosts Globe influence on Oscars,” Martin A. Grove analyzes the upcoming awards season. Of CORPSE BRIDE, he writes, “[D]irected by Tim Burton and with such voice talents as Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham-Carter, Emily Watson and Albert Finney [. . .], it’s a likely contender for Oscar’s best animated feature award.” What a wonderful prediction! We hope Mr. Grove’s crystal ball is accurate. Thanks to Reemi for posting the story on the news board. You can read Grove’s entire article HERE.

Meanwhile, Depp fans should watch the nightly entertainment news programs for bits of CORPSE BRIDE promotion, since the cycle is starting; Donna B. saw a feature on CORPSE BRIDE during Tuesday evening’s EXTRA. The segment showed part of the trailer and included behind-the-scenes footage with the puppeteer. EXTRA also showed interviews with Johnny and Tim done in the Bahamas during the CATCF promotion. Thanks for the update, Donna B.!

CORPSE BRIDE to screen at the Toronto Film Festival!

Notch another film festival appearance for TIM BURTON’S CORPSE BRIDE; the animated feature will be shown at this year’s Toronto Film Festival. According to the Canadian Press, “Tim Burton and Johnny Depp pair up once again in this darkly-comic stop-motion animation feature of a young man whisked away to the underworld to wed the mysterious corpse bride (voiced by Helena Bonham-Carter) while his real bride (Emily Watson) waits back in the land of the living.” This year’s Toronto Film Festival runs from September 8-17. Obtaining tickets sounds like a fairly complicated process, so we urge any Depp fan who might wish to attend to visit the online box office HERE to check details. You can read the news story on the Toronto Film Festival HERE. The Zone thanks DeepinDepp for breaking the story, and dukie for the box office link.

In other intriguing Toronto news, emma reports that the CORPSE BRIDE press junket will take place September 10-11 in that fair city (dates always subject to tweaking, of course); no word yet on whether Johnny Depp, who voices the skittish bridegroom Victor, will attend. Thanks, emma!

Hunter S. Thompson to receive million-dollar sendoff

In an article called “One More for the Road for Hunter Thompson,” Rocky Mountain News reporter Jeff Kass updates the plans for Hunter S. Thompson’s memorial service. “Preparations are under way for Thompson’s final body of work: the launch of his cremated remains on August 20th from a 153-foot-high ‘cannon’ on his Woody Creek property outside Aspen,” writes Kass. A tower is under construction on the Woody Creek farm which matches the description Hunter gave to a British documentary crew in 1978. According to Kass, “A 143-foot crane boom has been installed on a concrete pad. [. . .] Steel cylinders wrapped in gray cloth are being placed over the crane to form a conical shape that tapers from 12-feet-wide at the base to seven feet at the top.” A seventeen-foot-high replica of the Gonzo fist, made from fiberglass, will top the structure. “The first seven feet of the fist will slide over the top of the crane. The remaining 10 feet will give the structure a total height of 153 feet,” reports Kass. That’s about two feet higher than the Statue of Liberty.

A device similar to a fireworks launcher will be used to fire Thompson’s ashes straight into the air; Zambelli Fireworks Internationale will be handling the launch. Thompson’s ashes will then sprinkle down on his property. Thompson’s widow, Anita, said that at least half of Thompson’s ashes will be launched into the skies; the rest will be kept for private ceremonies.

“Actor Johnny Depp, who portrayed Thompson in the movie version of FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS and became a close friend, is funding the labor and construction costs,” writes Kass. Total costs of the project “are estimated to be between $1 million and $2 million.”

Although the mammoth (but temporary) tower is sure to attract widespread attention, admittance to the August 20th memorial service is by invitation only. The Zone thanks emma for posting the Kass article on the News & Views forum. You can read the entire article HERE.

4th Season of 21 JUMP STREET available on DVD November 1!

The release of season 3 of the television series 21 JUMP STREET, featuring Johnny Depp in his breakout role as Officer Tom Hanson, is scheduled for September 6, 2005 (Region 1 only). Now comes word that season 4 will quickly follow. According to, Anchor Bay will release the fourth season of 21 JUMP STREET in Region 1 on November 1, 2005! confirms the information; it lists Season 4 for $31.49, with free shipping, available on November 1st. Great news–and there’s another excellent holiday gift for the Deppheads on your list. The Zone thanks Johnny Fanatic for posting the story on the News & Views forum, and Brandy for the Amazon listing.

"Johnny Depp has become a box-office powerhouse," says the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

In his analysis of the disappointing movie summer of 2005, Martin A. Grove of THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER did notice some bright spots that movie studios could count on to put patrons in the seats. “Some films actually did quite well in spite of the soft marketplace,” Grove observes. “So there are lessons to be learned by focusing on what worked during this period when moviegoers were extremely selective about what they spent their money on.” Grove’s conclusion? “[S]tar power still makes a big difference at the boxoffice.”

Depp fans who remember the days when Johnny’s films couldn’t find an audience must smile to find Grove writing this about Johnny today: “With about $153 million under its domestic boxoffice belt the PG rated CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY is a solid success, much of which can be credited to its star Johnny Depp. After emerging as a superstar in Disney’s PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, Depp’s become an above-the-title powerhouse.” The trade paper notes approvingly that Johnny drew people to see CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY without splashing his private life all over the tabloids: he didn’t jump off couches like Tom Cruise or romance his co-star like Brad Pitt. Moviegoers actually showed up to watch him act; what a novel idea!

The Zone thanks emma for posting the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER article on the News & Views forum.

CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY earns $150 million at the North American box office!

Tim Burton’s CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, starring Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka, passed the $150 million-mark at the North American box office on August 1st, in its 18th day of release. Although the film surrendered its box office #1 position over the weekend to WEDDING CRASHERS, it continued to draw very well. CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY earned $16.4 million on its third weekend in the multiplexes, besting three brand-new movies, including STEALTH, which starred Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel, and MUST LOVE DOGS with Diane Lane and John Cusack. Warner Bros. feels that CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY could earn as much as $200 million domestically. Great news!