Johnny Depp interviewed on UK children's program BLUE PETER

The screencap at left shows Johnny Depp as he appeared in an interview on the UK children’s program BLUE PETER. The interview aired on July 25th but was taped earlier, during the UK promotion for CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY on July 16th. Asked why he wanted to get involved with a new version of the Dahl book, Johnny replied, “The magic and beauty of this story […], the brilliant work of Roald Dahl and just the opportunity to translate that into cinema, was a great challenge, but a fun one.” Johnny described himself as “a huge fan” of Roald Dahl’s work and had high praise for the writer’s imagination. He added that he had read CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY aloud to his daughter Lily-Rose, “which was great fun, you know, just great great fun.”

Johnny’s interview ended with the traditional presentation of the BLUE PETER badge. His reaction? “Wonderful, that’s great, I’m honoured, thank you.”

The Zone thanks AnaMaria for posting a set of screencaps and a transcription of the interview on the Zone’s Recent Pics forum. To see a larger version of the thumbnail, click HERE.