"One of the best fantasy worlds this side of Oz:" HOLLYWOOD REPORTER gives a rave review to Johnny Depp and CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY!

Calling CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY “a winning, charming, very droll children’s film for the whole family,” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER critic Kirk Honeycutt published a glowing review that praised every aspect of the film’s production. Here’s a sample of Honeycutt’s rave:

“Candy and fantasy film share this in common: Each is tricky to get right. Success requires a perfect balance of flavor, richness, depth and a yummy yumminess that’s hard to pinpoint but you know it when you taste it. So when it comes to candy — and to film fantasy –CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY is the real deal. This morality tale disguised as a whimsical, magical mystery tour of the world’s greatest chocolate factory has all the gorgeousness of hard dark chocolate that melts ever-so-slowly in your mouth. What a treat coming from Tim Burton, who has recovered his imaginative touch after a few missteps, and from his frequent collaborator Johnny Depp, an actor who resolutely embodies Burton’s fanciful vision.

“Here’s a film about kids and for kids that has not lost touch with what it is like to actually be a kid. Children and adults alike will jam lines to movie houses in North America and overseas to acquire golden tickets for this audience-pleaser.”

Wow! The Zone thanks Reemi for publishing the HR review on our News & Views forum, where you can read every delicious word.