TV ALERT–New Johnny Depp interviews on EXTRA! and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on Monday, June 27th!

The current press junket promoting CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY will yield its first television interviews with Johnny Depp next Monday, June 27th. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, on the CNN Headline News channel, promises to “go one-on-one with Johnny Depp”–every Depphead’s fantasy–on Monday’s show. Thanks to SueB and joni for the news . . . . Also on Monday, the syndicated entertainment news program EXTRA! will broadcast “Johnny Depp in the Bahamas! Why he took the Willy Wonka role without reading a script, and the huge part that got away . . . to Brad Pitt.” To learn when EXTRA! shows in your area, click HERE. Thanks to DarkAngel and itsnotmytree777 for breaking the story. Depp fans should keep a sharp eye on the other entertainment news programs this week because interviews from the Bahamas could pop up anytime. Be sure there’s a tape in the VCR!