"This isn't your parents' Willy Wonka:" PREMIERE Magazine on Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, and CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY

The new issue of PREMIERE (July/August 2005) features a four-page article by Mark Salisbury on CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. Called “Confections of a Dangerous Mind: Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, and Another Trippy Take on a Visionary Eccentric,” the article includes some on-set reporting from Pinewood and considerable background information on the design of the sets and the negotiations with Roald Dahl’s widow, Liccy. It also includes six photos (authorized releases already familiar to Zoners).

Depp moments include a tale of Johnny struggling with a tongue-twisting line, and serving coffee–a signature gesture–to the reporter in his trailer. Johnny views Willy Wonka as “a lonely, scared, socially inept child,” notes Salisbury. “I think this Wonka is probably hypersensitive, hyper-germophobic. He has clearly spent too much time alone,” Johnny told him. The article also notes that CATCF was the first of the Burton-Depp collaborations where Tim didn’t have to fight with the studio to cast Johnny. “Suddenly Hollywood people, the upper echelon, liked saying my name,” Johnny confessed. “But even then, I wasn’t sure Tim didn’t have to fight for me because I know there were a couple of names being shook around, and I felt they were going to go for some big star.” Typical of Johnny not to realize that he is a big star . . . .

The Zone thanks Charlene for breaking the news on the News & Views forum. The article begins on page 94 of PREMIERE.