Articles from June 2005

CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY featured in August issue of SCI- FI magazine!

“Johnny Depp provides the eye candy on the set of the reinvented CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY,” begins Resa Nelson’s four-page feature in the August 2005 issue of SCI-FI. The article is lavishly illustrated with already-familiar stills from the movie. Interspersed with a good plot summary are tantalizing quotes from Richard Zanuck, one of CATCF’s producers.

“Johnny Depp, who may be the biggest star in the world today, [. . .] is an actor who takes chances,” says Zanuck. “[He] will go way out there, as he did in PIRATES, and explore what other actors would shy away from.” The producer continues, “We have Johnny Depp at his best [. . .]. Willy Wonka has always been a very eccentric character, but you put Johnny Depp in his shoes and he becomes even more eccentric.” The Zone thanks emma for breaking the story, and Donna B. for posting her scans of the Sci-Fi article.

BREAKING NEWS — Los Angeles premiere of CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY moved to July 10, 2005!

Mann Theatres reports a change in the date for the Warner Bros. premiere of Tim Burton’s CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, starring Johnny Depp as Willie Wonka and Freddie Highmore as Charlie Bucket. The premiere has been advanced one day and is now scheduled for Sunday, July 10, 2005, at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. No tickets for the premiere are available to the public; however, fans traditionally gather across the street from the theater to watch the stars walk the red carpet. We expect a large turnout of southern California Zoners to witness the occasion. Thanks to Mindy for sharing her correspondence with Mann Theatres, which is posted on the News & Views forum. You can read more about the legendary Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, the most famous movie theater in the world, HERE.

"One of the best actors we have in the whole world"–CRY-BABY director John Waters discusses Johnny Depp

In a recent interview promoting his film A DIRTY SHAME, director John Waters mentioned his excitement over the upcoming release of CRY-BABY (1990) on DVD. Waters reveals that the DVD version will contain two additional musical numbers, as well as some plot development and bonus features, including interviews with the cast. Asked if Johnny Depp, who gave a memorable performance as rock rebel Wade Walker in CRY-BABY, was involved in the making of the DVD, Waters replied: “Johnny comes back and gives an interview and it’s amazing. They found everybody again today and interviewed them again, including Hatchet-Face that looks so different. With Johnny, though, you can’t tell the difference when they cut back and forth between the new material and the old stuff from the electronic press kit. It’s like Dorian Gray. He doesn’t look like he’s aged at all.”

Pressed by the interviewer to give a quick impression of Johnny Depp, Waters replied: “A great friend, a beautiful man, a kind person and one of the best actors we have in the whole world.” The Zone thanks emma for posting excerpts from the Waters interview on the News & Views forum; you can read the full interview HERE. CRY-BABY will be released on DVD (Region 1 only) on July 12, 2005.

New North American release date for THE LIBERTINE~~September 16, 2005!

Daily Variety now lists September 16, 2005 as the U.S. release date for Laurence Dunmore’s THE LIBERTINE, which features Johnny Depp as the Earl of Rochester and John Malkovich as his friend and nemesis, King Charles II. Emma reports that the Canadian release date, which had been scheduled for August 5th, has been pushed back and now will match the U.S. date of September 16th. Thanks to emma for the update, and to Sierra and Holden who posted news about the U.S. release date. We hope to see a trailer for THE LIBERTINE soon!

Ship ahoy! The Black Pearl has arrived safely at Grand Bahama!

The Bahamas Vacation Guide reports that the Black Pearl sailed into port on June 2nd, and is currently making berth at the Bradford Boatyard on Grand Bahama. To see the Pearl at anchor on Grand Bahama, click HERE. Congratulations to the Black Pearl and her crew on their speedy and safe voyage from Dominica. The Pearl joins another tall ship already at the boatyard–this is the vessel playing the Edinburgh, which has been having some work done and a third mast installed. You can read details and see additional pictures of the ships HERE. The Bahamas Vacation Guide reports that many members of the film crew of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN’S CHEST are already on site, making preparations, and that they expect the cast to arrive “by mid-June.” We’ll keep a sharp eye . . .

The Zone thanks emma for posting the story on the News & Views forum.

Yo ho! Captain Jack Sparrow voted one of all-time-greatest movie entrances by EMPIRE Magazine!

The July 2005 issue of EMPIRE Magazine contains an article ranking the ten best movie entrances of all time, and Captain Jack Sparrow sails into the list at number nine. That ranking is a bit low, we think, but there’s no arguing with this fantastic description of Johnny Depp’s entrance as Captain Jack:

“His noble chin jutting to the sky, the camera eases back from Captain Jack Sparrow balancing on the mast of his ship. Then it eases back some more. He is spying for shore, resplendent in his pirate regalia. Then we ease back a trifle more. The ship, well, seems to be more of a tiny boat, and a sinking one at that. By the time it reaches the small wooden pier, only the tip of the mast is above water, yet Jack steps with perfect timing onto dry land. Without, yet, a flutter of Johnny Depp’s fabulous, bedraggled, gold-rimmed performance, we already know Jack: a fool, a loser, concealing the craftiest noggin on the seven seas.”

The Zone thanks jes for the news–she also reports that the July EMPIRE has a one-page feature on Tim Burton’s CORPSE BRIDE in the “Coming Soon” section. EMPIRE sounds very enthusiastic about the upcoming animated release . . . and so are we!