Articles from June 2005

New video clips featuring Johnny Depp in CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY are now online!

Thanks to tina_als_girl for discovering three new video clips from CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY online at “Everything in This Room Is Eatable” features some more of the “cannibalism” scene, where Wonka is talking to the children; “Sounds Like My Kind of Gum” shows Violet as she is beginning her colorful transformation; and “Don’t Touch That Squirrel’s Nuts” takes place in the Nut Room and shows the squirrels and Veruca. These clips might contain spoilers if you are unfamiliar with Roald Dahl’s book. You can view the clips HERE . . . .

Even more video clips can be found online at the Movie Reporter, reports deppswooner–they have 11 different segments from CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, plus soundbytes from Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, Danny Elfman, screenwriter John August, Freddie Highmore, and the rest of the cast. Warning: the video clips do contain spoilers. You can find the clips HERE. Thanks, deppswooner!

"20 Reasons to Love Johnny" by Vanessa Paradis–article in new French Premiere!

The July 2005 edition of the French PREMIERE magazine celebrates “Twenty Years of Depp” with a retrospective and several fascinating articles, including “His Strokes of Genius,” “His Return to Tim Burton for CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY,” and a feature where ten directors invent a film role for Johnny. Vanessa Paradis also contributes an article in which she lists twenty reasons to love Johnny–and she should know! Some of Vanessa’s reasons: “He’s not afraid of anything,” “He knows French culture better than I do,” “He will do anything to help someone,” and–of course–“He is always beautiful.”

The Zone thanks Sam for breaking the story and posting scans of the French PREMIERE on the News & Views forum. We also thank the many Zoners who have contributed translations of Vanessa’s 20 reasons. Merci! For a larger view of the PREMIERE cover, click HERE.

"I'm not a particularly social animal, in the Hollywood sense": Johnny Depp talks to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about performing, publicity, and parenthood

In a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT interview aired on June 28th, reporter David Haffenreffer asked Johnny Depp what attracted him to the role of Willy Wonka in CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. “First was the opportunity to go back to work with Tim,” Johnny replied. “And then second, obviously, Roald Dahl’s classic story [. . . ].The combination of those two was, I thought, just perfect and magical.” Other factors included the acting “challenge” of trying to play Willy Wonka without repeating what Gene Wilder had done with the role, and the opportunity to make another film the Depp children would enjoy. “My kids were very excited when they heard that I was Willy Wonka, you know,” Johnny told Haffenreffer. “It’s important to me that films like ‘Pirates,’ ‘Finding Neverland,’ and also ‘Wonka’ is a film that’s accessible for my kids and my kids can watch it.”

“You seem to show up, do your films, do the publicity for them, and then you’re off the map, basically,” said the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT reporter. “But how do you see yourself fitting into the Hollywood social scene?” Johnny doesn’t see himself as part of that scene. “I’m not a particularly social animal, in the Hollywood sense. I don’t like to do that. But when I have to go to those events and stuff, it’s kind of fun, you know, because it’s so weird,” Johnny said. “I actually kind of enjoy it, you know, because it’s like going into some kind of weird carnival ride for a little while, [. . .] knowing that you’re going to come out the other side and escape immediately.”

The Zone thanks emma for posting the transcript of the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT interview on the News & Views forum. Thanks also to Theresa for the lovely screencap of Johnny on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT; you can see a larger version of the thumbnail HERE.

Johnny Depp talks about his children and CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY on EXTRA!

Johnny Depp sat down for a friendly exchange with EXTRA’s Sean Kelly last weekend in Nassau; the segment aired on June 27th. Regarding the actor who preceded him as Willy Wonka, Johnny said, “I’ve never spoken to Gene Wilder, but I must say he was absolutely brilliant as Wonka. I’ve loved everything that he’s ever done.” Johnny confided that his two children, Lily-Rose and Jack, are such fans of the original version that “they might be my harshest critics.” He added with self-deprecating charm,”My kids might come out of the thing and go,’You completely missed it, Dad!'”

Johnny described the moment when his children saw him in costume as Willy Wonka for the first time. “I’ll never forget when they came on the set the first time to visit me, and I was all decked in the Wonka gear,” Depp recalled. “They stopped and looked at me for almost three minutes. It was like, ‘I know that’s dad, but he looks completely weird.'”

So does Johnny see any part of himself reflected in Lily-Rose and Jack? “Oh, a lot; it’s amazing when you see yourself in your children,” Johnny said with a smile. “It’s very, very strange. There’s no ride like it.” The Zone thanks AnaMaria for the EXTRA transcript and Theresa for the screencap of Johnny. DeepinDeep supplied the link to the video clip; you can watch it HERE.

Michael Jackson "never entered my mind at all" as an inspiration for Willy Wonka, Johnny Depp tells ACCESS HOLLYWOOD

In an interview with ACCESS HOLLYWOOD conducted in Nassau and aired on June 27th, Johnny Depp was asked about his “inspiration” for his eccentric take on Willy Wonka in CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. Did Johnny have someone particular in mind? “I’ve heard–there were a couple of rumors–they said the character was based on Marilyn Manson,” Johnny admitted. “I’ve even heard someone said Michael Jackson–which was really strange! Because those things never entered my mind at all.”

As for the infectious “Willy Wonka” song, director Tim Burton complains that it is “one of those songs that you can’t get out of your head, no matter how hard you try. I’d be laying awake at night and go, ‘Oh, God, get that [. . .] thing out of my head!” Did Johnny have a similar reaction to the song? “Oh, no,” Johnny told ACCESS HOLLYWOOD. “It makes me feel real good.”

The Zone thanks Theresa for sharing her screencap of Johnny in Nassau. To see a larger version of the picture, click HERE.

"Like walking into something historic:" Johnny Depp speaks to ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT about Tim Burton's CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY!

Be sure to catch ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT Monday June 27th for an interview with Johnny Depp about his role as Willy Wonka. The ET website has a charming video clip online HERE. Johnny told ET that he sees “no comparison” between the Tim Burton version of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s book and the 1971 musical film starring Gene Wilder. “I think it’s a completely different animal. I think that film was great, growing up it was ingrained into my memory–especially Gene Wilder’s version of Wonka, [it] is a beautiful performance–but I think this is a very, very different thing. We did our best to be as faithful to Roald Dahl’s book.”

In the spirit of fidelity, ET notes, the sets for CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY were built with candy: the lollipops on the trees and the giant candy canes are real. Nearly a quarter of a million gallons of fake chocolate were required to create Willy Wonka’s chocolate river. “When I walked on to the chocolate set where the chocolate river and waterfall were,” Johnny tells ET, “it was like walking into something historic.”

And what do Johnny’s children think of his performance as Willy Wonka? “My kids haven’t seen the film yet, but they’re very excited to see it [. . .]. I remember when they first came to visit me on the set, the first time they saw me all decked out as Wonka, they stared at me for about 2 1/2 – 3 minutes. They could recognize elements of their dad but they couldn’t quite get it.”

The Zone thanks kristen for posting the ET story on the News & Views forum, and DarkAngel for sharing a screencap from the ET clip. Depp fans will want to watch all the entertainment news programs today–ET, Access Hollywood, Extra!, and Showbiz Tonight have CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY features scheduled using interview footage with Johnny from the weekend press junket in Nassau. AnaMaria has already posted screencaps on the Recent Pics forum from a Nassau interview that aired on Dutch TV; thanks so much, AnaMaria! To see how Johnny looked in Nassua, click HERE and HERE.

"We went into the hiatus a bit early:" Johnny Depp talks to the press about the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN sequels

During a press conference June 26th, Johnny Depp told reporters that shooting on PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2:DEAD MAN’S CHEST went on hiatus ahead of schedule because “there were bits that we were going to shoot up in Grand Bahama [for which] sets and stuff weren’t ready. But more than that, one of … our actors, one of our main guys, Kevin McNally, who plays Gibbs, ended up with a really nasty ear infection in both ears, and he was England and … was unable to get on a plane. So they just weighed out all the options and said, ‘We’ll just break now. Go on hiatus. And when we start up again, we’ll finish up the bit from 2.'”

Although the press conference in Nassau, Bahamas, was part of the promotion for the upcoming Warner Bros. release CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, reporters could not resist asking Johnny Depp questions about the POTC sequels. Will Keith Richards play Captain Jack Sparrow’s father, or not? Johnny said that he and director Gore Verbinski were still working on scheduling, but “[i]t looks like it’s going to happen. [. . .] But I don’t know when. It’s all going to depend on where we are and where he is, because he’s got a little thing called the Rolling Stones tour to do.”

As for returning to the role that made him a household name, Johnny Depp sounded excited and happy: “We didn’t quite know what to expect before we went back into … PIRATES 2. [. . .]But honestly, we stepped on the set the first day, and it was like, for me, jumping back into the skin of Captain Jack, … it felt like we’d had a week off, you know, from the first one. And it’s been a really great time, you know? Everybody’s been super good and fun, and I think it’s going to be good. I hope. I’ll knock wood again.”

The Zone thanks emma for posting the excerpt from the press conference on the News & Views forum. You can read all of Johnny’s comments about the POTC sequels HERE.

August 2005 EMPIRE Magazine features Martyn Palmer interview with Johnny Depp!

The August 2005 issue of EMPIRE features a wonderful four-page profile of Johnny Depp by Martyn Palmer. “In CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, he’s the ultimate man-child,” Palmer begins. “In THE LIBERTINE, he’s the first punk rocker.” Palmer goes on to explore what he calls “the double life of Johnny Depp,” contrasting the quirky but ultimately innocent Willy Wonka with the decadence and despair of John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, Johnny’s previous role. Palmer was fortunate enough to interview Johnny at Pinewood on the CATCF set; on the Isle of Man during shooting of THE LIBERTINE; and in between, at the Venice Film Festival last September, so he is uniquely positioned to grasp the versatility and complexity of Johnny Depp as an actor.

“Going back into the ring with Tim is like being home,” Johnny says, referring to his fourth collaboration with CATCF director Tim Burton. To Palmer, Johnny and Tim seem more like “two (big) little boys having a good time together” than A-list talent fronting one of the biggest releases of the year. “It’s fun and it’s meant to be fun,” Johnny confirms. “Tim is doing beautiful stuff; the sets are incredible and the work has been a ball.”

The Zone thanks Reemi for breaking the news and Donna B. for posting scans of the EMPIRE article on the News & Views forum. Photographs are by Nigel Parry from his gorgeous 2003 Paris shoot. In this article, again, Johnny sounds remarkably happy and contented with his life and his profession: “I’m lucky to have this job and I’ll do it until they don’t give me gigs anymore.” That’s not likely to be a pressing problem; one of the Parry photos bears the caption “Rebel without a pause: Depp currently has eight films in production.” Lucky us!

"Citizen Cane"–Fantastic article on Johnny Depp and CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY in NEWSWEEK!

Sean Smith writes the most insightful article to date on CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY in the July 4th issue of NEWSWEEK. Called “Citizen Cane,” Smith’s story incorporates interviews with Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, Freddie Highmore, and Roald Dahl’s widow Liccy, to probe all the sticky issues surrounding the making of CATCF. Smith looks into the casting of Johnny Depp and his unique interpretation of Willy Wonka, the sometimes contentious comparisons to the Gene Wilder film, the attitude of the Dahl family toward the old and new versions of Dahl’s novel, and the abiding friendship between Johnny and director Tim Burton. “This is our fourth movie together,” Johnny told Smith. “I’m so honored that he asked me to play Wonka. I just hope I’m in the right arena here. My first concern is always, ‘[. . .] I don’t want to let Tim down.'”

Smith notes that Johnny’s Willy Wonka is “not just reclusive, but almost autistic in his inability to connect with others.” Tim Burton explains, “There are lots of people who are geniuses in one area, but have complete deficiencies in other areas of their lives.” Johnny sees Wonka as “sheltered from the outside world,” germophobic, driven by perfectionism. Does Wonka’s look, “that flawless pale skin, perfect pageboy and slightly feminine air” mean that “Depp found inspiration in Michael Jackson?” inquires Smith. “That never crossed my mind,” Johnny replies. “I never thought about it once, honestly. But it’s interesting, people’s perceptions.”

The Zone thanks Reemi for posting the Sean Smith article on the News & Views forum–you can read the entire story there, including Liccy Dahl’s comment that she doesn’t understand Johnny Depp’s sex appeal because she finds him “a little too pretty.” Mrs. Dahl’s verdict? “Terribly nice, but he’s no Robert Mitchum.” We think she overdosed on the Wonka pageboy and prescribe an immediate viewing of DONNIE BRASCO to restore the balance.

TV ALERT–New Johnny Depp interviews on EXTRA! and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on Monday, June 27th!

The current press junket promoting CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY will yield its first television interviews with Johnny Depp next Monday, June 27th. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, on the CNN Headline News channel, promises to “go one-on-one with Johnny Depp”–every Depphead’s fantasy–on Monday’s show. Thanks to SueB and joni for the news . . . . Also on Monday, the syndicated entertainment news program EXTRA! will broadcast “Johnny Depp in the Bahamas! Why he took the Willy Wonka role without reading a script, and the huge part that got away . . . to Brad Pitt.” To learn when EXTRA! shows in your area, click HERE. Thanks to DarkAngel and itsnotmytree777 for breaking the story. Depp fans should keep a sharp eye on the other entertainment news programs this week because interviews from the Bahamas could pop up anytime. Be sure there’s a tape in the VCR!

"This isn't your parents' Willy Wonka:" PREMIERE Magazine on Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, and CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY

The new issue of PREMIERE (July/August 2005) features a four-page article by Mark Salisbury on CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. Called “Confections of a Dangerous Mind: Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, and Another Trippy Take on a Visionary Eccentric,” the article includes some on-set reporting from Pinewood and considerable background information on the design of the sets and the negotiations with Roald Dahl’s widow, Liccy. It also includes six photos (authorized releases already familiar to Zoners).

Depp moments include a tale of Johnny struggling with a tongue-twisting line, and serving coffee–a signature gesture–to the reporter in his trailer. Johnny views Willy Wonka as “a lonely, scared, socially inept child,” notes Salisbury. “I think this Wonka is probably hypersensitive, hyper-germophobic. He has clearly spent too much time alone,” Johnny told him. The article also notes that CATCF was the first of the Burton-Depp collaborations where Tim didn’t have to fight with the studio to cast Johnny. “Suddenly Hollywood people, the upper echelon, liked saying my name,” Johnny confessed. “But even then, I wasn’t sure Tim didn’t have to fight for me because I know there were a couple of names being shook around, and I felt they were going to go for some big star.” Typical of Johnny not to realize that he is a big star . . . .

The Zone thanks Charlene for breaking the news on the News & Views forum. The article begins on page 94 of PREMIERE.


“To be chosen to play Willy Wonka in the first place is a great honor,” Johnny Depp told ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT in a segment that aired on Wednesday, June 22nd. The feature, introduced by actor Jordan Fry, who plays Mike Teevee, included footage shot on the Pinewood lot during the filming of CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. Brief clips of Willy Wonka interacting with the children in the factory were intercut with quotes from a clean-shaven Johnny and Freddie Highmore. “He’s kind of an angel,” Johnny said, referring to Freddie’s character, Charlie Bucket. “You end up feeling like you’ve met some kind of saint.”

“Working with Johnny was great,” said Jordan Fry, adding that Johnny was “very nice and down to earth–just like a regular guy.” In another segment of the interview, Johnny said that the chocolate factory “is like walking through Wonka’s brain–complicated . . . strange . . . fun!”

Thanks to Tigress and Fran-is-a-fan for posting news of the ET appearance before the fact, Veronica and abigail who posted reports of the interview, and tina_als_girl who provided the video file. Special thanks to Susanne for the screencaps on the Recent Pics board, and to Theresa who posted her first-ever screencaps on Pic Parties. To see a larger version of Susanne’s thumbnail at the left, click HERE. To see a different pose capped by Theresa, click HERE.

Danny Elfman's soundtrack CD for CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY available on July 12th!

The soundtrack CD for CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, with original music by Danny Elfman, will be released by Warner Sunset Records on July 12, 2005. Elfman’s score includes five new songs: “Wonka’s Welcome Song,” for which Elfman and screewriter John August wrote the lyrics, and four songs named for the “malicious children” in the movie, for which Elfman used the lyrics written by Roald Dahl. Elfman explained that he wanted to stay true to Dahl’s words in the book, which have a wonderful rhythm to them. His greatest challenge was to create a different musical style for each child, to suit their distinct personalities.

In the press release announcing the CD, Tim Burton heaped praise on Elfman. “This is the 11th film I’ve worked on with my friend and collaborator Danny Elfman [. . .] . Each time has been different and Danny is always an important character in the telling of the film. He has created yet another fantastic score that successfully reflects the movie.” Burton continued, “What was unique about CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY was the creation of the Oompa-Loompa songs. It was great fun to see Danny work within a number of different musical genres.”

The CD can be pre-ordered from Amazon for $14.99, a 21% savings. Thanks to DeppintheHeartofTexas and DeepinDepp for breaking the news and posting playlists and news releases on the News & Views forum. According to DITHOT, the full score of CATCF includes Strauss’s “Also Sprach Zarathustra,” “Good Morning, Starshine” from the 1960s musical HAIR, and–heaven help us–the Macarena!


Deppheads, set your VCRs! Tigress reports that tonight’s edition of ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT–Wednesday, June 22nd–will feature “an exclusive inside look at CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY!” Check your local TV listings for the time in your area . . . . During ET’s previous “inside look” at CATCF, they aired the whole trailer, so Warner Bros. has probably released new promotional clips.

In preparation for the CATCF story, ET’s website has reprinted part of an interview with Johnny Depp conducted last summer, during the promotion for FINDING NEVERLAND, in which Johnny heaps praise on his young co-star, Freddie Highmore: “He’s a magic kid. Freddie’s all magic, all purity, all honesty. He is as good a pal as any I’ve got,” said Johnny. “He’s someone I consider a great friend, and beyond that, a great actor. He’s just a really good human being.” The Zone thanks Tigress for breaking the news; you can read the full ET story on CATCF HERE.

New 30-second TV commercial airing for CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY

A new 30-second television commercial to promote CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY began airing on Sunday night. This one features shots of the not-so-nice children gorging on candy as a narrator murmurs, “Enter a world where everything is delicious . . . nothing is nutritious . . . and four children are very malicious!” The spot also includes a couple of new Willy Wonka one-liners. You can view the clip on our News & Views forum on the thread called “New CATCF Trailer on ABC.” Thanks very much to tina_als_girl for doing the capture! And thanks to artistatheart for spotting the promo and posting the news.

Johnny Depp ranks #7 on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list!

Forbes Magazine’s annual Celebrity 100 list ranks Johnny Depp #7 this year, up from #10 the year before; Johnny thus tops the list of the most powerful actors in the entertainment community, ahead of Tom Cruise (#10), Brad Pitt (#11), and Will Smith (#13). (Mel Gibson ranks #3 on the list for his producing and directing duties with THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST.)

The Forbes rankings are based on a combination of a celebrity’s earnings ($37 million for Johnny Depp last year) and press coverage. So who had the bucks and the buzz this year? According to Forbes, the ten most powerful celebrities are Oprah Winfrey (#1), Tiger Woods (#2), Mel Gibson (#3), George Lucas (#4), Shaquille O’Neal (#5), Steven Spielberg (#6), Johnny Depp (#7), Madonna (#8), Elton John (#9), and Tom Cruise (#10). Thanks to ack and Donna B. for posting the news from Forbes. You can read more HERE.

Johnny Depp film retrospective at Brooklyn Academy of Music in July!

The Brooklyn Academy of Music will host a Johnny Depp film retrospective on weekends from July 8th through July 31st. These screenings will allow Depp fans in the New York area a rare opportunity to see many of Johnny’s early films on the the big screen, including CRY-BABY, ARIZONA DREAM, EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, ED WOOD and DEAD MAN. Here’s what the Brooklyn Academy of Music has to say about Johnny: “At times it’s easy to believe that Johnny Depp exists simply to defy our expectations. Combining a taste for the offbeat with a stunning fearlessness, Depp has made a career out of unpredictability. This series focuses on the wide array of characters that he’s played over the years; from slasher victim to Elvis crooner, amphetamine-fueled journalist to wide-eyed movie director, they’re all part of what we love about Johnny Depp.”

The festival kicks off on Friday, July 8th with showings of Johnny’s first film, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, followed by EDWARD SCISSORHANDS on Saturday, July 9th, and CRY-BABY on Sunday, July 10th. On the second weekend, July 15th-17th, films will be DONNIE BRASCO on Friday, ED WOOD on Saturday, and ARIZONA DREAM on Sunday. The third weekend of the festival, July 22nd to 24th, will show THE NINTH GATE on Friday, FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS on Saturday, and SLEEPY HOLLOW on Sunday. WHAT’S EATING GILBERT GRAPE? shows on Friday, July 29th, and the retrospective concludes with eight screenings of Jim Jarmusch’s DEAD MAN, four on Saturday, July 30th and four on Sunday, July 31st. Tickets are $10 per show and can be bought online; discount tickets ($7 each) are available for students, children, and seniors, but must be purchased at the BAM box office. For the full screening schedule including showtimes and box office information, click HERE. The Zone thanks emma for breaking the news.

The Brooklyn Academy of Music Depp filmfest joins the retrospectives by the Americian Film Institute and the British Film Institute as the third major celebration of Johnny Depp’s work in the past year; congratulations, Johnny!

New poster and website update for TIM BURTON'S CORPSE BRIDE!

Here’s the new poster for TIM BURTON’S CORPSE BRIDE, the stop-motion animated feature due to debut in theaters on September 23, 2005, featuring Johnny Depp as the voice of the understandably distracted groom, Victor Van Dort, and Helena Bonham-Carter as his slightly deceased but still ravishing Bride. To see a larger version of the poster, click HERE. The CORPSE BRIDE website has also been updated; HERE you can find the hilarious trailer, a half-dozen photos, and some great wallpapers and blinkys to download, as well as the poster and a plot synopsis. Thanks to DeepinDepp for the update!

"Johnny Bravo"–Johnny Depp on the cover of UK's FILM REVIEW for July!

Zoners across the Pond will want to rush to their newsstands and booksellers on July 16th when the new issue of FILM REVIEW arrives. The cover subject is Johnny Depp–none other–and the feature article inside promises a new interview: “With the release of his latest blockbuster, CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, fast approaching, we talk to Johnny Depp about his varied movie career and versatile acting style.” We can’t wait!

Deppfans outside the UK who would like a copy of FILM REVIEW need not be denied–the July Johnny issue can be ordered online HERE. Cost is $7.95 plus $2.00 shipping. Thanks to Reemi for posting the news story and DeepinDepp for finding the link to order copies.

Yo, no! PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN sequels postpone further filming until August!

The Freeport News reports that the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN sequels, starring Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, will not begin filming at Gold Rock Creek Studios on Grand Bahama as expected this week. Instead, filming has been postponed for an indefinite period while the construction of the multimillion-dollar Collyer water tank is completed. A press release issued by the producers states: “After more than 70 days of nonstop shooting and travelling to locations such as Los Angeles, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica, and the Exumas for PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2 and 3, the producers felt that now was an appropriate time to take a break.” Publicist Michael Singer added, “It was always scheduled for us to take a hiatus close to this period of time.”

The filming hiatus was moved up, apparently, because the facilities on Grand Bahama were not yet finished. Another contributing factor, according to the press release, was the minor illness of a supporting player whose physician told him to stay in Britain until his inner ear infection had healed. The release concludes, “Filming is expected to recommence around August.” The Zone thanks emma, Reemi, DeepinDepp, Gilbert’s Girl,and Dark Angel for contributing stories to our News & Views forum–you can read the full press release there. Gilly reports that Orlando Bloom has already been sighted arriving in Sydney to join Kate Bosworth, but no one has sighted Johnny as yet. Keep a sharp eye . . . .