A fundraiser for the Gonzo Memorial Fist, honoring Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Zone members who would like to contribute to the erection of the Gonzo Memorial Fist on Dr. Hunter S. Thompson’s Owl Farm Estate in Woody Creek, Colorado, now have an opportunity to participate. The plan is to build a 150-foot high stone column crowned with a giant red fist, just as Hunter described it while musing to a reporter in a BBC documentary many years ago.

How can you help? Well, if you wear T-shirts or drink beer, or both, you can contact Denver’s Flying Dog Brewery. Flying Dog has created Gonzo Imperial Porter, an official tribute beer honoring Hunter, and will be selling it in four-packs beginning in early June. The beer will feature a tribute illustration from Hunter’s frequent collaborator, world-renowned artist Ralph Steadman.

Flying Dog Brewery has an illustrious pedigree: its founder, George Stranahan, was Hunter’s friend and neighbor in Aspen, Colorado. As the Flying Dog website cheerfully reports, “The duo met up with gonzo artist Ralph Steadman in 1991 at the Woody Creek Tavern in what the brewery infamously refers to as, ‘the meeting of minds.’ No one knows exactly what transpired that night but the result was Road Dog Porter and the first, authentic, gonzo beer label illustrated by Ralph Steadman and Hunter’s quote, ‘Good People Drink Good Beer.'” Now Flying Dog is adding Gonzo Imperial Porter to its litter of ales.

Members can also support the Gonzo Memorial by buying a limited edition Gonzo Imperial Porter T-shirt. The shirt will feature the Ralph Steadman Illustration Label on the back. You can pre-order your T-shirt by emailing brianne@flyingdogales.com or by phoning 1-800-9doggie. For more information on T-shirt sales, click HERE. For more information on Gonzo Imperial Porter, click HERE.

The Zone thanks DeepinDepp for breaking the story; no doubt many Zoners will welcome the opportunity to contribute to the Gonzo Memorial and wear a T-shirt or quaff a bottle of beer in Hunter’s memory. The monument is scheduled to be unveiled at a memorial service for HST in August; you can read the full story on the News & Views forum.