"He's delightful–incredibly imaginative"–Jack Davenport discusses Johnny Depp, the POTC movies, and THE LIBERTINE

In an interview with Jack Davenport published in Metro on April 22nd, reporter Andrew Williams asked the actor, who plays Commander Norrington in the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movies and also appears with Johnny Depp in THE LIBERTINE, about his famous co-star and their work together. Davenport’s droll sense of humor was in evidence throughout the interview. Asked if he would be filming the POTC sequels “anywhere nice,” Davenport replied, “Yes. The clue is in the title. PIRATES OF THE THAMES ESTUARY might not be as popular. We have got to film in some nice locations and that’s been a big bonus for doing these films. It’s a ten-month shoot.”

About THE LIBERTINE, Davenport said, “The Earl Of Rochester was a very debauched man. He was a genius but [. . .] ended up dying of syphilis. What little I have seen of the footage so far has been amazing. The cast is great with Johnny Depp, Samantha Morton and John Malkovich.” Davenport added,”By the end of this year, I’ll have worked with Johnny more than I’ve worked with any other actor.”

So, reporter Williams asked, what is Johnny Depp like to work with? “He’s delightful. He really is one of the nicer people I know,” replied Davenport. “As an actor, he’s incredibly imaginative and that’s very interesting. If you’re playing his straight man, which I am to an extent in the PIRATES films, it’s fun seeing what kind of work you can create together because he’s such an accomplished and clever performer.”

The Zone thanks emma for posting the Davenport interview. You can read the whole story on the News & Views forum. In related LIBERTINE news, Holden reports that Miramax is now listing THE LIBERTINE on their official website with a promised release “this summer.” There is no more information–no date, no trailer–but at least they are acknowledging that THE LIBERTINE is among their properties. You can check for yourself HERE. Thanks, Holden! We’ll hope for more news on THE LIBERTINE soon.