Johnny Depp named one of TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People

TIME Magazine includes Johnny Depp in its 2005 list of the world’s 100 most influential people–congratulations, Johnny! Johnny’s profile appears in the “Artists and Entertainers” category of this week’s issue (cover date April 18, 2005). “The TIME 100 [. . .] is all about individuals [. . .] whose courage inspires others to action,” explains Adi Ignatius, who edited the special issue. The profile of Johnny, called “Johnny Depp: Unexpected Actor,” is written by Time movie critic Richard Schickel, who has trouble locating sufficient superlatives to describe the magic in Johnny’s performances.

Schickel has high praise for Johnny’s craft, which “has made him the most admired of the movies’ younger male stars–in the industry and among the knowing audience,” the critic writes. His performances embody “a mysterious damage, some ineffable pathos, that he chooses not to explain [. . .]. It is, however, when he lets his body language do the talking for him that Depp, 41, is at his most arresting. He once impeccably imitated Chaplin’s immortal Gold Rush roll dance (in BENNY & JOON), thereby openly announcing that he rooted his art in the great, lost mime tradition of the silent screen.” Schickel calls Johnny’s acting “great” and “brilliantly imaginative”–“acting that is informed by what came before yet is essentially unprecedented.” In a segment on the TIME 100 that aired on the April 11th edition of ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, a Time editor added this comment on Johnny: “Johnny Depp has an appeal to the audience that is unparalleled.” We can certainly attest to that!

You can read Schickel’s complete profile of Johnny Depp on the News & Views forum–thanks, emma, for posting it! We also thank DeepinDepp for the TIME cover artwork and Still-Rather-Timid for the report from ET.