Johnny Depp–covered in green slime–featured in this week's entertainment magazines!

Weekly magazines in the U.S. could not resist running photos of Johnny Depp being slimed during his appearance at the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards last Saturday in Los Angeles. Joni reports that PEOPLE, US, LIFE & STYLE, STAR, and IN TOUCH all feature photos of Johnny in their new issues. IN TOUCH is the best value: it contains five pictures, the most of any magazine. All of the shots show “slime and confetti,” joni says, but they are “good sized pics and Johnny is adorable.”

US Weekly has one big picture of green-slimed Johnny. LIFE & STYLE has a picture of slimed Johnny, and a small head shot of Johnny before the slime hit. STAR has two pictures: one with green goo, and one nice shot of Johnny pre-slime. PEOPLE has three pictures: one of Johnny before the sliming and two of him drenched in green. The PEOPLE pictures are not in the front of the magazine where the celebrity candids of the week appear; they run with a larger story on the Kid’s Choice Awards on pages 154-55.

Unfortunately, none of the magazines features a shot of Johnny greeting fans after his post-slime shower. Too bad–the photos of freshly-scrubbed Johnny in his cowboy hat are beautiful. The Zone thanks joni for sharing the information about the magazines and saving us all many minutes at the supermarket checkout stand.