Film legend Christopher Lee names Johnny Depp the "number one" actor of his generation

In an interview in the new issue of TOTAL FILM, legendary actor Christopher Lee proclaims Johnny Depp the best actor of his generation. Lee, now 82 and the veteran of more than 200 films, speaks with disdain of many of today’s “young, over-hyped stars with very little experience,” who are “pitched into big-budget movies in major roles and they can’t begin to handle them.” Their performances are so unsatisfying, Lee claims “it’s like looking at holes in the air.”

In contrast, Lee has only the highest praise for Johnny Depp. Christopher Lee acted opposite Johnny in three Tim Burton films–SLEEPY HOLLOW (1999), and the upcoming releases CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY and TIM BURTON’S CORPSE BRIDE–so he has had plenty of opportunities to watch Johnny creating a character, as well as viewing the completed projects. “Johnny Depp, as far as I’m concerned, is number one,” Lee told TOTAL FILM. “Of his generation, there’s no one who can touch him.”

The Zone thanks emma for posting the interview on the News & Views forum. We think, in addition to being one of filmdom’s most memorable actors, Mr. Lee is a most astute critic!