"This summer's golden ticket"–Total Film puts Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka on the cover of their Summer Preview issue!

The UK’s Total Film magazine selected Tim Burton’s CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY to grace the cover of their summer movie preview issue–the photo shows Johnny Depp in his Willy Wonka costume and gives a good closeup view of Wonka’s incredible purple eyes. The magazine features a short preview of the film and a four-question interview with Tim Burton. When journalist Jamie Graham asked, “So how dark is your version going to be? Will it give the kids nightmares?”, the director replied, “Well, I get nightmares watching Teletubbies, so it depends on what gives you nightmares . . . .”

As for an assessment of the film, Total Film headlines: “Burton! Depp! Lee! It’s shaping up to be this summer’s golden ticket.” After a brief account of a day of filming, the report concludes: “Let’s just say the Burton/Depp dream team are delivering big time. Roald Dahl must be grinning in his grave.”

The Zone thanks Reemi for posting the Total Film cover, and Gilbert’s Girl for sharing the contents of the CATCF preview on the News & Views forum. Jackslady reports that a DVD comes with the magazine; it features trailers for several summer films, including the brief trailer for CATCF that we all know and love.