Get out your handkerchiefs: FINDING NEVERLAND is released on DVD in North America

The many long-suffering Depp fans who waited in vain for FINDING NEVERLAND to come to their local theaters can now, at last, see Johnny Depp’s brilliant portrayal of J. M. Barrie from the comfort of their favorite chair. FINDING NEVERLAND was released on DVD in Region 1 today, and can be found for prices as low as $14.99 at major discount outlets. It is available in Widescreen and Fullscreen editions. Be sure to get your copy this week, though, as it is customary for stores to raise prices after the initial week of release. The DVD includes a few deleted scenes with commentary, some hilarious outtakes, the documentary “The Magic of FINDING NEVERLAND,” red carpet highlights, and a commentary track with director Marc Forster, writer David Magee, and the producers (but, alas, no Johnny). The Region 1 DVD has a French language track and subtitles and also a Spanish language track and subtitles. The movie looks beautiful and its intimate drama transfers well to small-screen viewing, but since the excellent performances lose none of their emotional impact, you will need a box of Kleenex handy when you watch.