FINDING NEVERLAND released on DVD in the UK

Congratulations to all the lucky Deppheads across the Pond . . . the DVD edition of FINDING NEVERLAND is now being shipped to your mailboxes and retail outlets, and you will soon be able to enjoy this magical film whenever you wish. North American release date is March 22, 2005. Thanks to Mrs Pink for the update, and thanks to Gilbert’s Girl for posting the following review of the DVD, written by Adrienne Connors for the SUNDAY TIMES:

“A century after the curtain rose on the play Peter Pan, we all know about paying heed to our ‘inner child’–the part of us that doesn’t grow up. This movie engagingly tells how JM Barrie (the wonderful Johnny Depp) found the inspiration to write his fantastic tale through his friendship with Sylvia Llewelyn Davies (a touching Kate Winslet) and her four young sons (Freddie Highmore is particularly heart-rending as Peter). Marc Forster’s lovely-to-look-at film shows an imagination set free, as innocence and worldliness collide for both Barrie and the boys. The extras relate some suitably childish pranks on set–Depp entertained his younger colleagues with a whoopee cushion. As Dustin Hoffman, who does a great turn as a theatrical impresario, says on one of the background documentaries: ‘Be an adult, but never be a grown-up.’ Four stars.” We’re eagerly awaiting our chance to linger over this “lovely-to-look-at film” with “the wonderful Johnny Depp,” especially since many Zone members live in communities where FINDING NEVERLAND did not play on the big screen.