THE BOMB IN THE GARDEN: Another new project for Johnny's production company!

Variety reports today that there is another new project in the works at Infinitum Nihil; Johnny’s production company and Graham King’s Initial Entertainment have just optioned a non-fiction book called THE BOMB IN MY GARDEN.

The book’s authors are Mahdi Obeidi, Iraq’s top nuclear scientist, and PEOPLE Magazine foreign correspondent, Kurt Pitzer. The movie will focus on a bit of very recent history, Variety reports; the film will detail Obeidi’s attempt to surrender himself and his secrets to the U.S. after Saddam Hussein’s capture. When Obeidi tried to turn himself in and hand over his secrets to the U.S., he learned that the CIA and other government agencies didn’t believe him. Kurt Pitzer then hatches a scheme to get Obeidi and his family out of Iraq before Obeidi can be killed by insurgents who want to silence him. One of the secrets Obeidi disclosed was the presence of a bomb in his backyard; he had buried a uranium enrichment device there.

Variety reports that Infinitum Nihil and Initial’s Graham King will produce the film; Initial’s Alexa Faigen and Infinitum Nihil’s Christi Dembrowski (Johnny’s sister)and Sam Sarkar will oversee the project. There is no mention of whether Johnny intends to act in this film.

The Zone thanks es and emma for breaking the story. The full Daily Variety article is posted on the News & Views forum.