Articles from March 2005

Critic Roger Ebert praises Johnny Depp's versatility in Oscar red carpet interview

Film critic Roger Ebert conducted a brief interview with Johnny Depp on the red carpet before the Oscar broadcast. Ebert zeroed in on Johnny’s amazing versatility. “You know, just looking at this short period of your career, you’ve got PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, SECRET WINDOW, you have this film [FINDING NEVERLAND],and I’ve seen THE LIBERTINE which is coming out. [. . .] Has any actor ever had four points of the compass that are so dramatically different?” Johnny was too modest to respond to such a direct compliment, but he smiled at Ebert, obviously pleased to hear a fresh and sensible red carpet question for a change. Roger continued, “I mean, each film and role are completely apart from the other.”

“That’s the goal,” Johnny replied, sharing a bit of his philosophy of acting. “It’s to try something different each time out of the cage. And, you know, you can either make it work or you fail miserably, but that is always the risk, isn’t it?”

Up to this point, Ebert gets high marks for professionalism, but even he can’t help paying particular attention to the teeth. “Are those your teeth or your PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN teeth?” Roger blurted, curious about Johnny’s flashing gold caps. Johnny replied with a smile, “No, these be Captain Jack’s teeth.” Yo ho!

The Zone thanks Messiah for reporting the Roger Ebert interview and Susanne for the great picture of Johnny that runs with this story. You can see a larger version of the thumbnail HERE. Big Zone bouquets of lilies and roses go to Susanne, bonnie, moo, Giana, jackfan2, DeepinDepp, abigail, emma and Ana Maria for sharing their beautiful pictures and screencaps.